Three reasons why you shouldn’t fear the Robot Age

TEOTWAWKI.001The Anthopocene is still with us. Some claim it’ll end with humanity’s extinction. Doomsday predictions notwithstanding, one thing’s certain: A new era is already rising from Anthropocene:

The Robot Age.

The Economist magazine detailed its current advances. They promise a radical future. What inspired me: Robots will make jobs obsolete. If technology today puts half of all US jobs at risk, robots will complete the task.

Three reasons why you should not fear this:

  1. It’s the end of life as we know it. We’ll be better off when there are no jobs. Human effort (work) can then be redirected towards more valuable ends than economic production and consumerism.
  2. The end of money, debt and debt peon-ship. With jobs gone, there is no need to direct people’s effort (work) into activities people don’t want to do but have to to eat, clothe themselves, maintain shelter and health. Freed from earning a living through shitty, mind numbing, physically dangerous and psychologically incompatible jobs, humanity can tap back into its natural connection with All That Is which modern, money-based systems destroyed. The Robot Age will not bring annihilation. Robot Age = human rennaisance.
  3. The end of capitalism. With money gone, so goes the profit motive. Freed from that psychotic pursuit, we can slow down, tune back into our essential selves and connect with the beauty that is our world (and each other).

The path to this goodness may be bumpy. The end result makes it all worth it.

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