Dualities that both are…and aren’t

BUBBLE DUALITYThere’s a lot to complain about about capitalism, democracy, government and politics. But one thing is for sure: Without these things, we wouldn’t have such a golden opportunity for creating change.

Here at Copiosis, we make much about modern society’s positive aspects. Sure, there’s a lot to complain about, but there is so much more to praise.

In fact, if it wasn’t for our modern society, we’d have a really hard time creating the kind of change we’re wanting to see.

Some might argue, “well, if we didn’t have modern society, we wouldn’t need to make the kind of changes we’re trying to make.”

Hmm. I beg to differ.

There is no society from the past that I would have preferred to what we have today. Especially as a multiple-minority. What’s more, in nearly all the societies I can think of, the average age and the average lifespan were both much, much lower than today.

Our modern society has brought so many modern marvels, our lives are far, far better than they were. Yes, there are people still living in terrible conditions, yes, we seem to be polluting the planet beyond recovery. Yet, I think both these problems as well as many others, will be solved.

So is modern society to blame for the problems? Or are our past problems responsible for the modern society we enjoy?

If you consider that all our past problems have served as impetuses for the better, then it’s not too hard to believe today’s problems will produce even more “better” since the magnitude of our problems today seem so much bigger than previous ones.

The society Copiosis is creating is one that brings into greater harmony the balance between numerous seeming disparate dualities: conservatives/liberals, spirituality/science, nature/technology, dark/light, haves/have-nots, freedom/bondage, etc., etc.

But maybe those dualities don’t really matter that much.

As our work evolves, as everything must, it’s thrilling thinking about our work as it takes place in the era of Trump, which to me reflects a natural swing between within (again) one overarching duality: A penchant for inclusivity as demonstrated by liberal policies and a desire for selfishness as exhibited by the current US administration’s desire to exclude pretty much everyone.

Ideological, political, societal dualities and more seem so real. Painfully so.

But on deeper reflection, I find they don’t really exist when looked at close up. For within the conservative movements, you’ll find, for example, more and less liberal perspectives. That is the case across all dualities: the deeper you parse one, the more of the other you find.

So is there really such a thing as a duality when you can find elements of one in the other?

By the way, I don’t consider “selfishness” to be a bad thing. Every human endeavor in some way or another stems from self-oriented perspectives for the benefit of that self. Even the most altruistic act is inspired by a desire to act, motivated by an internal self-oriented feeling of empowerment and the desire to express that empowerment in physical reality. Perhaps “selfishness” is just one side of one more not-really-existent duality.


It’s a great time to be implementing Copiosis. I’ve never been more excited about it.

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