Kylie Jenner and Forbes: out of touch with reality


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Forbes’ “self-made” foolishness

The internet is in flames with Forbes Magazine’s major faus pas in describing Kylie Jenner a “self-made” billionaire.

We agree.

Forbes deserves a tongue-lashing at least for perpetuating the decidedly FALSE myth that someone with a wealthy background can even come close to being “self-made”.


NO ONE in this modern age can claim that title.

Everyone on the planet is benefitting from so many contributions from other humans, nature and All That Is, trying to claim self-made status is arrogance at best, stupid at worse.

Some things those who think they earn the “self-made” title clearly don’t remember:

  • The billions of people throughout history who contributed to today’s modern capitalist structure, including war fighters, resistance fighters, laborers, policital leaders, scientists, academicians, entrepreneurs and more.
  • The billions of people responsible for every innovation leading to today’s modern society and economy, making it possible for markets to exist at national, international and global scales, including diplomats, explorers, peacemakers, colonizers and more.
  • Al Gore for creating the Internet (just kidding).
  • The Internet, computer technology and the rapid advances accomplished by millions of engineers, physicists, chemists, mathmeticians and more

And then there are things no individual ever can claim to have created:

  • The planet which we all benefit from as home
  • Earth’s vast resource abundance
  • Human labor, readily available to assist with great ideas, move products and deliver services through collaboration. We’re sure Kylie would be nowhere without tens of thousands of others.
  • Water, air, sunlight and food, etc., which even the mightiest “self-made”, brilliant individual can’t seem to figure out how to make in the abundance that nature makes these things, enabling said individual to eat, breathe and live.
  • Family – need we say more?
  • Challenges, which forge one’s determination and focus

We’re sure you can think of many more such items.

There’s a saying that goes: “show me a successful person and I’ll show you a turtle on a fence post”.

Meaning: Turtles don’t get on fence posts by themselves. Successful people don’t become successful by their self-made effort either.

Forbes and anyone claiming self-made status needs to go back and rethink their perspectives.

No one is Self-made anymore. It’s likely no one ever was.

3 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner and Forbes: out of touch with reality

    1. We’re not begrudging Kylie’s success. But to claim she did it all by herself is just wrong.

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