The unbearable lightness of awesome progress

Milan Popovic DREAM BELIEF.jpgI wish I could share what’s going on with Copiosis because it’s so remarkable, I would say it was unbelievable if (1) it wasn’t happening to me and (2) if I didn’t know how physical reality is created.

But I’m choosing not to share it.

Because it’s not happening to you and you probably don’t know how physical reality is created, so if I told you what’s happening, you’d have a hard time grasping it.

I’ll just let he results speak for themselves.

There’s another reason why I’m not going to share the progress at this time: because I’ve learned that naysayers have a disease.

Their beliefs, their world views are the disease. Such beliefs are contagious. When caught, they limit possibility for others. I prefer to remain in possibility.

The opposite is true as well but the way. Positive beliefs are contagious too. Depending on one’s momentum of thought, positive beliefs can change negative beliefs, thus making something possible that wasn’t before. It can go the opposite way too. Which is why I’m not sharing.

I did share what’s happening with a couple people on the Copiosis team (and yes, there are more people involved with Copiosis than just me, myself and I 🙂 ). These guys were so excited with the developments and agree we are on the course to succeed.

By the way: they know hardly anything about what’s happening.

So, yeah, things are going pretty damn well. I’m thrilled with the progress. You will be too. After the results start rolling out, some people, particularly the naysayers, are going to have three words to say:

“I don’t believe it.”

And that is exactly why they won’t believe. Because they don’t.


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