Being ahead of your time: gift or curse?

Its contagious Photo by Ian ELife is more exciting than ever. Both personally and for Copiosis.

I feel that way while mulling over how to communicate the realistic nature of replacing capitalism with something better.

People seem to get there may be a better way than how we’re running society. But the “how” question always seems to trip them up. That and the “if it’s not capitalism it’s either socialism or communism” knee-jerk reaction.

Everyone offering a capitalism alternative faces these objections. So these sentiments are the revolutionary epicenter.

Recognizing it’s possible to replace capitalism is certainly a “before its time” proposition. People who are ahead of their time are in the company of a tiny minority. There aren’t a lot of people who believe ideas that are ahead of our time are “realistic”.

So when the minority tries to convince the majority, it’s always going to run into this problem.

The bigger the potential breakthrough, the bigger the resistance.

But the bigger the resistance also means the bigger the payoff.

That’s what keeps me going: an eye on the potential payoff.

I’m pretty certain our new approach is going to kick the pants off of both the “how” objection and the “socialism/communism” knee-jerk. It also may generate the funding avalanche we need to begin rolling out a massive nationwide demonstration project.

First things first:

  1. Create massive lead-generating machine
  2. Design a path for initial interest to be cultivated into belief
  3. Deliver enough value to the believers that they invest
  4. Use the investment to create progress evidence
  5. Repeat and scale.

That, in a nutshell is our current approach redesign.

How are we doing? Really well.

I know, there’s not much evidence to show indicating progress. But I assure you, when we start producing evidence, it will be overwhelming.

That’s why I’m excited.

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