Even The Universe Agrees With Copiosis

Photo by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Thomas Townsend, a passionate Copiosis supporter and contributor.

By Thomas Townsend

In a few hours Jupiter will conjunct Saturn at 0:29 degrees of Aquarius. Many of us have been singing this song and keeping the faith that this time would come. This happening on the solstice in this time of deep transformation is clearly a turning point. The transition continues, the ripping and tearing of the old paradigm from those attached to it will continue.

But for those who are ready, this is the new beginning. The Cosmic Mother is pregnant with innovation, new ways of relating to each other and new ways of relating to the earth.

The pain and challenge remain; however, the pain of the dying past is now the birthing pain of the world we have long envisioned. Peace, Love, and Understanding will replace the hatred and fear still present in those who resist this awakening. Let them go the way of all things out lived, while we embrace the shadow of our past and own how it controls the system that enriches a few, while the many languish in poverty, injustice, and abuse.

Birthing the new reality

I welcome a new system that honors work and rewards the betterment of people and planet. Gone will be money and debt. Government becomes individual responsibility based on community values. All basic needs are met at no cost to the consumer, by socially rewarding the producers. True freedom prevails and we are free to live lives of passion, purpose, and fulfilment.

This is not a Utopia, so it doesn’t automatically change people. What it does is make options available that weren’t before, options which can change people over time. I am being transformed, and like me, it is for those who get this possibility to live full speed, driven by a passion, a knowing, that all people would know this bliss.

It is the time for all those who would embrace this new Paradigm of shared abundance to live in their heart space and be prepared for the fun of birthing this new reality.

I feel blessed to have lived to see this day. And to having been introduced to a vision fulfilling this ideal, and the people working to make this vision real . “I hope someday you will join us, and the world will be as ONE.” 

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