Global Humanity More Ready Than Ever For Copiosis

Systemic change

This post originally ran October 24, 2017.

Almost 3/4 of people surveyed around the world believe a new organization, one that transcends national an even UN interests, must be created in order to respond to global risks.

So said conclusions draw from research conducted in 2017. In addition, almost two-thirds of respondents say they are willing for their country to give up some of its sovereignty if that would help humanity respond to the risks.

That, to me, is a remarkable finding.

Systemic change2

The top three global risks respondents identified and ranked were the threat of weapons of mass destruction, politically-motivated violence and conflict escalating to war and climate change. Four more risks were identified, but ranked lower: “other large-scale environmental damage”; “Natural epidemics and pandemics”; “population growth”; and, surprisingly “the rise of artificial intelligence”.

Here is how the research team described the global call for a new systemic solution:

Seven adults in ten (71%) think that a new supranational organisation needs to be created to respond to global risks. While overarchingly still very high in all countries, agreement has decreased in most countries, between 2014 and 2017, especially in China, Brazil and Germany (-13 percentage points in China and -11 percentage points in both Brazil and Germany). Interestingly, the USA is the only country where more adults currently think that a new supranational organisation should be created (67% in 2017 vs 49% in 2014).

It’s fascinating to me that the United States is the only country where more people think such an organization is needed. And the increase between the last survey and the current one, to me is astounding.

What this tells me is human beings are increasingly asking for fundamental change. That’s exciting to read about, especially in light of 2020’s stunning series of events.

Copiosis is not that organization, of course. Our job is transitioning the world to a new socioeconomic reality that puts an end to capitalism, socialism and communism. We’re not here to create a supranational organization.

We don’t believe such an organization is necessary in the future either. Humanity can do well with nothing more than a framework allowing self-governance.

Copiosis is that framework.

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