Every outcome in Iowa helps Copiosis



No matter what happens in Iowa tonight, it benefits our transition strategy.


The Trump/Cruze race is not that important. What happens in the general election – no matter which of these guys wins – will matter more than what happens in Iowa. What I’m really looking at is what happens with the Democrats.

(I haven’t been following the poles. Fair warning that my ideas here may be silly :-)). If Sanders wins, it will be a boon for ideals he supports, ideals which lean heavily in Copiosis’ ideological direction. It doesn’t matter if Sanders doesn’t become president. It doesn’t matter if he does become president and fails at delivering his promises. As he has said, he’s more interested in fomenting a moment. I believe that movement will be strongly in favor of the RBE transition plan Copiosis offers.

Should Hillary win, the Sanders crowd is going to be pissed. I don’t know how large a number those supporters officially represent, but in their agony of defeat they may become more even more favorably inclined to receiving the Copiosis key messages wherein we promise a world far better than even what Sanders is proposing, including a world featuring none of the circus performances that is U.S. politics.

Sanders has done tremendous work creating a favorable environment for belief in the RBE transition plan Copiosis offers. So has the Basic Income Movement. As far as I’m concerned, everything is working in favor of Copiosis becoming our collective reality.

There is no outcome out of Iowa that doesn’t work in our favor.

Photo Credit: Brookings Institution

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