We’re pro-something else

anti-capitalistA recent news report on our demonstration projects described Copiosis and participants in our demonstration projects as “anti-capitalists.”

We don’t focus on capitalism while making Copiosis a reality.  Focusing on the thing you want to replace with nothing to replace it makes the thing you’re trying to replace stronger.

If we were anti-capitalist, we’d be fighting against it, vilifying it and agreeing about how bad it is.  I don’t blame capitalism for anything.  It has done tremendous good for humanity.  I point out problems for clarification’s sake because I recognize most people who believe capitalism is the best humanity can ever create often fail to see them.

“We’re not fighting capitalism, we’re allowing money and capitalism to gently retire.”

I had a conversation with a guy the other night who tried to convince me how bad capitalism was, how bad corporations are and how bad rich people are.  I have these kinds of conversations a lot, and I try to explain that people and companies are not bad.  They are just following the rules of the game.  The one percent have just gotten so good at the game that they change the rules we play by.  That’s another aspect of capitalism.  The winner gets to change the rules.

I learned long ago through martial arts that pushing against something is dumb.  It only triggers resistance.  It’s much better to focus on what you want rather than focus on what you don’t want.  It shifts the game of social engineering significantly.

As I mentioned in the article: “We’re not fighting capitalism, but allowing money and capitalism to gently retire.”  It sounds like semantics, “anti-capitalism” vs. “pro something else.”  But the difference has profound effect on one’s mindset and outcomes.  I think our progress so far is evidence of that.



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