Everybody Does It….Even America


We’re not against anyone. We’re for a future that works. For everyone.

So when we say the current world is not working for everyone, we’re not blaming anyone.

The world has the technology and the smarts to have it work for everyone.

Russia meddling in American elections, 9/11, white supremacy’s return to the mainstream, Black Lives Matter, and a plethora of transgender murders are just some indications that some people think the world isn’t working for them.

Broaden that to include psychological and physical illness due to stress, debt-laden lives, and working numbing, unfulfilling Bullshit Jobs and you swallow up many, many more under the category “people for whom the current world is not working.”

We recently spoke with a white man who was triggered into a ranting rage over the coming “demise of white culture” in the form of the browning of America. In his mind, the current world is producing a future that is not working for him. So the world, currently is not working and the future it’s creating doesn’t work either.

That future hasn’t even come yet!

No wonder some white people are scared, insecure and lashing out.

So when we read Rand Paul’s comments on Russia meddling in America’s elections, we took note. Here we have a Senator speaking like it is. Like it must in a money, government and market-driven society.

“I think really we mistake our response if we think it’s about accountability from the Russians. They’re another country; they’re going to spy on us…We’re going to do the same…We all do it. They’re not going to admit it in the same way we’re not going to admit we were involved in the Ukrainian elections or the Russian elections.”


Money (international) – Version 2

America has spied and meddled all over the world. And you can bet if there are many instances of American meddling we know about, and there are, there mustbe instances we don’t know about.

Again we are not against any of this. It must happen. Any country with the ability that isn’t doing it, does so at its peril.

When you’re in a debt-based monetary system, wherein the unit of value is represented by an uncontrollable, amoral instrument, combined with governments and markets, you must expect fellow agents, whether they’re individuals, corporations or nation states, to feel insecure.

When anything feels insecurity – an animal, a human, a “corporate person” or “sovereign state” – it will do anything to soothe that.

Even amoral stuff. Even immoral stuff. Even lashing out.

This is why we believe money, markets and government have to go….if we want a society that works for everyone.

We’ve written about money and the problems it creates. Here is a very detailed explanation and an overview of our solution.

Those who follow our work get it: when you base your civilization on money, markets and governments, you can’t get far without pitting human against human.

And it’s exceedingly hard to create a world that works for everyone.


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