In A Little While Some Americans Will Have A Whole Lot More To Fear

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Looking at where we spend our money as a nation, it might be fair to say America’s rallying cry is not “freedom”, but “fear”.

Well, in 2043 some Americans are going to have one more thing to fear: their minority status.

According to the US Census, America will be a mostly brown country in a little over 20 years. It’s a fair bet to that all those brown people are going to bring more diversity than ever before.

And not just skin color diversity, saggy pants, carnitas and hijabs. They will bring more cultural diversity than ever before, more ideological diversity than ever before, which will crate more creative decision-making (hint: favoring brown people more) than ever before.

And this is just the beginning.

Actually, the beginning has come and gone. Because the browning is happening.

Interesting factoid: during the first 10 years of the 21st century, the U.S. population grew by 9.7 percent, and people of color accounted for 91.7 percent of that growth.

Some Americans have been trying to stem the tide. Consider:

Are you seeing a trend here?

We’re sure the first Muslim likely to be elected to Congress and and the fact that many more are running is causing some to begin panicking about the future of ‘Merica. It’s no wonder we’re seeing the protests we’re seeing today.

Times are a changing….for the browner. An inevitable tide that is relegating 1950s “White” America to the dusty shelves of history.

Good riddance.

A whole lotta brown
Is this ‘Merica? My, that’s a whole lotta brown.

The good thing though is, there really is nothing that non-brown people need to fear about this inevitable future, though we understand why some might still look over their shoulders.

That’s because it’s fair to say non-brown people haven’t been very accommodating of their brown counterparts for most of recorded history around the globe. It could be argued there’s a deeply ingrained subconscious fear among non-brown people in America, that a mostly brown nation could signal a comeuppance of sorts: a brown backlash against non-brown people for all their shenanigans throughout history.

Shhh. It’s going to be alright. (Photo: Kristina Flour)

Particularly today, with so much overt hostility towards brown people perpetrated by non-brown people, we don’t blame non-brown Americans fearing the day when they become the minority in America.


And yet, when you look at how brown people typically respond to non-brown aggression, especially after the fact, it rarely takes on a vengeful tone.

In most cases we’ve seen, brown Americans usually treat people who are different from them more compassionately and with less rancor than their non-brown counterparts, even though there is a lot of justification for brown people being rancorous.

Maybe that’s because brown people tend to still remember their connection to nature, community and the oneness of the human family more so than their non-brown counterparts. We really don’t know for sure, but it’s a fair speculation.

Maybe with a browner America, there will be less focus on fear and more on family, friendliness and, yes, taking care of our fellow Americans by providing them healthcare, education and more all at no cost.

We think that’s a great thing.

Along with America’s current debate about socialism, and everything else going on in the world, human civilization is slowly moving more and more towards a context within which an economic system that provides basic necessities to all at no cost will just make sense.

Not seem like a fanciful pipe dream.

We’re eager for the day when ‘Merica truly becomes the land of the FREE, instead of the home of the fearful. Maybe then we can take a new stab at that “brave” thing.


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