While you’re waiting…don’t get screwed

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As capitalism continues to evolve into something we’re all eager for, you might be thinking about building wealth.

I know, a lot of people who don’t like the capitalist system also don’t like money. But money is not the only kind of wealth there is. In fact, it’s the least valuable.

I came across a tweet recently that explains this:


I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately while running my latest venture designed specifically to reward me with number three. My other companies cover all the other ones, as does my current one.

So you could say my portfolio of “wealth building assets” covers the spectrum. The downside is, they don’t provide immediate cash income. The upside is, the long-term wealth viability of them all is HUGE.

I’m so glad I don’t work a job anymore.

If you’re working a job, now is a great time to think about how to build something that will generate wealth in the five areas above. It’s going to take a while to shift capitalism into something better.

It’s a HUGE tanker.

In the meantime, don’t spend your nows doing something you hate. Even if you have to do something you love on the side, it’s better to do that with the hope it will become something significant enough to displace your nine-to-five than to suffer in the now.

By far the most valuable is number 5 Spiritual wealth. I know, there are some who guffaw at this. But really, it is the source of everything. I wouldn’t give a rip about number 2, and number 1 can certainly numbers three and four.

I’ll clue you in on something though. If you get number 5 right, all the others will fall in place.

Build your wealth. Whether capitalism changes or not, it’s worth having.

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