BHAG For Reals Kicking Off New Feels

Somebody’s gotta do it.

Since November I’ve made a strategic decision to focus on big changes for Copiosis.

Several Big Hairy Ass Goals (BHAG) loom on the horizon that, frankly, trigger the willie feels in me.

Producing actual results is expensive and results we’re planning in the future are going to be actual…and big should we succeed.

These results will potentially take Copiosis mainstream. So job number one, for me, is structuring Copiosis so it can create those results.

This is a common responsibility for an organizational leader. So I accept the task. Besides, it’s a growth opportunity for me. It also represents a growth opportunity for Copiosis too. These new steps will take not only the innovation to the next level, it may push our team in that direction too.

The last few years saw increases in Copiosis funding, but what we’re planning requires orders of magnitude more funding than we’ve received currently. Our plans will require increased communications too. People giving us money probably will want to know where the money is being used, how I am getting the money and from whom and why this is so important, given Copiosis’ mission to eliminate money from society.

So, while I’m not the best communicator, especially in the Fall, I will strive also to grow in that area. That means communicating more and more transparently. That’s organically happened recently. Witness our now open Core Group meetings. Not only are they open, but we stream them live into our Facebook group for any member to participate in live through real-time chat, or watch after the fact.

We’re already increasing our communications via our YouTube channel where we feature two live stream shows now, the infrequent live show on salient issues and our new Devil’s Advocate program. We’ll keep exploring and testing as we always have to see what works. This differentiates Copiosis from nearly all other ideas in our ecosystem. Ours is a living, vibrant and constantly changing solution. That’s why it’s succeeding.

Our small group of people spread around the world are focused on real, tangible results. We are making great progress. If you want to hear about that, tune in on our Core Team Calls, which we hold weekly on Facebook.

I’ll see you there.

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