The Billionaires Are Coming

Photo by Matt Lamers on Unsplash

I’ve said since the beginning Copiosis will attract people willing to support it with all the money it needs. “People” includes millionaires and billionaires.

Early evidence already points to this. Now, if you don’t know how to see the evidence, it will slip by. Even if I show it to you, you still will claim it’s not evidence, when actually, it is. Your beliefs dictate what you see.

I’m encouraged because I’m just as clear about the evidence as I am that we at Copiosis know how to manufacture what people call “luck”: events which lean in our favor.

So it’s a positive paradox: which drives results I see. Is it our luck manufacturing that creates the results? Or is it my confidence in very early evidence that creates them?

Perhaps it’s both. When we stand in knowing our luck manufacturing works, we see results from that, then when we see the results, confidence grows. That causes more commitment to manufacturing more luck. The more clear evidence gets, the more confident we get.

It’s a beautiful upward spiral.

Two bits of evidence I’m currently celebrating:

Let’s look at both.

Money is coming

We’re ahead of our time. It’s been that way for years. That’s changing though. Our innovation gets better. We gather more experts and other passionate people lending their talents. They learn how to manufacture luck. Now it’s not just me doing luck manufacturing, there’s a gaggle of us. That means amplified results.

The better those others get, the better results show up. As those things happen, more opportunity emerges. When we move on them, more tangible results come out. Those tangible results attract more experts and other passionate people.

That cycle is internal.

Externally, more people get that events they see indicate fundamental change happening. Some lose their nerve facing events such as COVID-19, climate change, and the global black lives matter movement.

Others come up with in-the-box solutions that bring relief for some. Until those people try implementing them. Others look for better solutions, then find them. Copiosis is one of those better solutions.

That’s why we already have people funding Copiosis. That’s evidence more money is coming. I’ll write that again: money coming in, no matter how small, means more money is coming.

The New York Times article describing rich kids bent on ending capitalism

Some of those other people are well-resourced and seeking opportunities to support that which matches what they see is possible. The woman introduced to us was one such person. The group of millionaires mentioned in the NYT article comprises more such people.

These wealthy people are not satisfied with the way things are. They want more and better. As their awareness matures, some of those people will find Copiosis intriguing. A couple already have.

That we’ve been introduced to someone whose family includes a billionaire means more such introductions are on the way, just as the fact that some people today funding Copiosis means more money is on the way. The NYT article evidences a trend among young, wealthy people that’s in our favor. They want what we offer.

So the early little money presages later, bigger money. The NYT article clues us in about the population of wealthy people, preparing themselves, as we prepare ourselves for the natural rendezvous between us and (some) of them.

There’s a lot more money coming from other sources too. I see very early signs, and they are thrilling. Some on the Core Group see them too and, like me, are equally thrilled.

That feeling of being thrilled is yet another piece of evidence. I know emotions tell me what reality I’m drawing to me. When I feel positive emotions, that’s a good thing, because it evidences my future.

Some reading this might scoff. “That is evidence of nothing,” they might say. But remember what I wrote above? Such people don’t now how to see the evidence, even when it’s right in their face.

More important, they don’t know how to respond to such early evidence, and that’s why they are perpetually looking but not seeing, or worse, looking and seeing contrary evidence.

I see evidence all around me and around Copiosis. That’s why I’m encouraged about billionaires funding Copiosis. They are here. So are we.

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