Focusing on money

Somebody’s gotta do it.

Since November I’ve made a strategic decision to focus exclusively for the time being on raising money for Copiosis. Producing actual results is expensive. Results that can convince everyday people that Copiosis is particularly so. So job number one, for me, is raising money.

This is a common responsiblity for an organizational leader. So I accept the job. Besides, it’s a growth opportunity for me. It also represents a growth opportunity for Copiosis too. With the money I am intending to gather, we’ll have more than enough to make significant strides in moving our work forward.

Part of this strategy will include increased communications. People who are funding Copiosis are probably going to want to know where the money is being used, how I am getting the money and from whom and why this is so important, given Copiosis’ mission to eliminate money from society. So, while I’m not the best communicator, especially in the Fall, I will strive also to grow in that area. That means communicating more and more transparently.

In that vein, I am working with Jeremy to create a standing, weekly conference call on our new communication platform where I’ll be available to answer questions and share what’s going on on a weekly basis. Honestly, that seems like overkill to me. But we’ll try a weekly schedule and if it is – if demand shows a weekly session isn’t warranted – We’ll try a different frequency until we’ve found a good match. Just like in everything else we do in Copiosis.

Meanwhile, there are still a small group of people world-wide focused on real, tangible results. They are making great progress. If you want to hear about that, tune in to the weekly calls.

I’ll see you there.

7 thoughts on “Focusing on money

  1. Hello, I don’t have or desire to create a Facebook account. Is there another method to join the weekly calls?

    1. Hi Moirae. At this time the only weekly calls happen on Skype with me and the Type IV demonstration project leaders. You can join as a guest if you like. There’s just not enough stuff going on to sustain a general call every week. We tried those calls to see if they would work. But they don’t fit our implementation model. So if you’d like to join the demonstration project call as a guest, you can. Let me know.

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