There’s money all around us

Meet my new friend

I used to have beliefs that limited my access to money. I used to think I had to work (i.e. earn a living) for money. I made a lot of money that way.

Now I realize following my passion is the best way to get money. It’s taken a while to become comfortable about receiving money from following my passions. Particularly asking for it in return for what I’m doing for society, the planet and humanity. But I’m finding a growing comfort in doing that because I’m finding a growing awareness that following one’s passions often produces the best outcomes for humanity and the world.


All this talk in my recent posts about getting money may turn off some people. Honestly though, the actual results we’re producing here at Copiosis are costing money. If we’re going to scale Copiosis to a global phenomena, someone’s gotta think about how we’re going to afford to do that. And that’s where I come in. No one has greater responsibility to bring in money to Copiosis than its founder.

So I’m on the hook. I’m also the author of this blog. So it makes sense I’m talking about money on the blog because it’s my number one priority right now. And this space is where I talk about my personal experiences relative to Copiosis.

The more comfortable I get with receiving money for following my passions, the more I am seeing money literally all around me. After all, everything in our current economy has happened as a result of money. Every organization, every building, every innovation has become common thanks to money. You could even say that everything is made of money in the sense that every physical construct where humans had a part was facilitated by money exchanging hands.

The more I come into this awareness, the easier it feels to think about welcoming in more money to Copiosis. I’m eager to see where this new level of comfort around money is going to lead. As I’ve said before, I see hundreds of millions of dollars flowing into this organization, making Copiosis a global reality.

Coming into this new awareness and comfort with money, I don’t seen any reason to believe otherwise.

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