Why we can get the money

The money is there

Everything is possible. I’m convinced of that. I mean hell, if I believe I can create a new, global economic reality, getting money to do so should be a snap.

My belief alone, while powerful, is not the only reason we can get the money. Another, more convincing one is, we already do have a stream of money coming into the organization. Today 23 patrons are financing making Copiosis a reality. While that number seems small, it is significant.

In their book, Impossible to Inevitable, authors Aaron Ross and Jason Limkin write how powerful 10 paying customers are. Now Copiosos patrons are not “customers”, but I think the phenomena still applies. Here’s what they have to say about having 10 customers:

Ten customers may not seem like much…Ten customers was $200 a month, which didn’t come close to paying the bills on four engineers and three other guys—it barely paid for beer. But 10 clients are actually amazing. Yes, you may still fail, of course, because of cash-flow issues. But 10 is a first sign of pre-success… it means three things:

1. Since you have 10, you can definitely get 20 … and then 100. If you can get 10 unaffiliated customers to pay you (no small feat), I guarantee you can get 20. And if you keep going at it, you will get at least to 100. And then 200, at least. At a minimum, you can keep doubling and doubling. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s possible.

2. More important, it’s amazing you got those 10. Ten is not a small number! Because why the heck should they trust you, and pay for your product? It stands on its own without you needing a prior relationship. It’s a huge vote of confidence…in the real world, with Mainstream Buyers, no one has ever heard of you. You’re not “the thing” all their friends are buying, making them feel that without it they’re being left behind.

3. This means you built something real. Something valued. Most important, it’s something you can build on. These 10 customers will give you a roadmap, feedback, and indeed, the path to 1,000 more customers—if you listen carefully. You won’t heed all their advice, of course, but the feedback from these first 10 customers won’t be from outliers. It will be transformational. I guarantee it. Because your 1,000th customer most likely will be just like your 10th, in concept and spirit, in category and core problem solved.

So there are experts and a lot of evidence out there showing that where Copiosis is is perfect. I say a lot of evidence because every organization that has  people are paying for what the organization does, started with just one customer. We have 23 Patrons. We’ve proved able to generate something people are willing to financially support. Now it’s just a matter of scale.

It’s interesting while I’m focusing more on money, more organizations are recognizing the need for a new global system and offering cash prizes for good ideas. The Next System Project and the Global Challenges Foundation are just two organizations offering money for ideas!

I am positive there will be more institutional money flowing in our direction as more people realize the world is asking for a system capable of replacing capitalism. Especially as more people find out about our work.

So while some (including my wife) think it’s crazy to think people will financially support Copiosis, the fact is, they already are. And more are to come. I’m convinced we can get the money because we already are. That’s why I’m putting my focus here.

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