We didn’t get $100,000,000


Not winning is so satisfying.

In summer I entered Copiosis in the MacArthur Foundation’s first ever contest for a $100,000,000 grant. I ignored everyone saying it wouldn’t win. I ignored messages from 100&Change campaign headquarters saying ideas like Copiosis would not be considered.

I entered anyway.

And didn’t win. I’ve never been more satisfied not winning.

Not winning is not the same as losing. I’ll get to that later. More important, not winning sets the stage for the eventual win, if the “not win” is framed right.

A lot of not-winners end up winning. Most recently the Chicago Clubs cast off their over-a-century-long-non-winning title, taking the World Series last year. Everyone thought Trump was going to be a not-winner. Most polls showed his campaigned doomed. But then…


Then there’s Harvey Milk, a personal favorite of mine. Milk, the first openly-gay person elected to public office in California, took to politics at a late age. He was a not-winner three separate times before becoming the history-making winner the LGBT community venerates today. I’m sure you know many other once not-winners who then became winners.

Everyone who has gone from not winning to winning knows that “not winning” only becomes “losing” the moment one gives up. It’s hard not giving up when all seems lost, or when the goal is enormous and you hit mutiple not-wins. I’ve been fortunate with Copiosis. haven’t had many demoralizing not-wins, but our goal is audacious: retiring capitalism and replacing it with Copiosis or something like it. Of course I prefer Copiosis.

Not winning the $100,000,000 didn’t feel like a not win either. It was just more data, data I can use to make a win. What’s behind my resolve is a belief that physical reality originates from the same place I do. The same place you do. While I’m here in “reality” I simultaneously exist in that original location, as do you. This simultaneous existence allows me to shape events happening in the physical world in ways that work in my favor. You have this same ability. We all use it every day creating our experience.

What this means to me, if it is an accurate, logical conclusion, is so long as I focus on what I’m wanting while being open to guidance from that simultaneous part of me existing in Origination, I will realize the probable reality in which I go from “non-winner” to “winner”. So far I’ve seen nothing contradicting my conclusions. Quite the contrary. And that evidence body is the bedrock of my resolve. That’s why not winning is so satisfying. For there is nothing we humans can’t be, do or have.

Events in physical reality aren’t the present. They are the past in terms of matter-creation. The real present exists in a space outside physical matter. From there, events, and matter, “become”. This present I call the “moment of becoming” a phrased coined by a being existing in Origination.

If you’re still reading, good for you. I realize those last couple paragraphs challenge those for whom physical reality and it’s primacy is everything. Interestingly, I once lived from that place too…but so much has happened in my subjective reality, objective reality’s primacy has been impeached: I couldn’t continue seeing the world that way.

100&Change followed up their generous email informing me of my non-winning status with another equally-generous email. In it, they explained why submissions such as Copiosis didn’t win. In it we’re specifics Copiosis could use to apply again three years hence, thus having a better chance.

I’m walking in the footsteps of giants — the likes of the Cubs’ and the Milk’s and every other person who successfully turned not-winning into winning. The MacArthur foundation going forward will hold its 100&Change event every three years now, with 2016’s event being the first. What’s really interesting to me is, prior to last year, no such massive grants were offered that I’m aware of. What’s more, four other organizations worldwide have offered similar contests. At least two of these are tailored quite nicely for Copiosis.

These four opportunities, including other political, social, international events ongoing worldwide, indicate a growing receptivity to the work Copiosis represents. When I started Copiosis three years ago, hardly anyone was seriously considering such ideas, let alone offering to funding grand solutions to our fundamental problems.

You may not agree with the evidence body I see supports my conclusions and that’s ok. Physical reality, I’m discovering, is a 100 percent subjective experience. So of course you’ll have your own unique — and valid for you — conclusions.

As far at the $100,000,000, Copiosis was not ready to receive that much money. We have no full-time staff. Though we have a small worldwide following, including some really passionate supporters around the world, it’s probably more appropriate to see what we can do with far less money first. But the process of becoming a non-winner, in my unique perspective, is so satisfying, I don’t have any qualms continuing to pursue the goal while watching physical reality gradually match the reality I envision.

It’s a reality I’m eager to expeirence.

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