Great Awakenings We Promise When Money Is Gone

So much evidence confirms the future Copiosis creates. One wonders why more people hadn’t thought of such an idea.

But then we remember progress starts first with a single person. Democracy hardly ever creates meaningful, substantial, fundamental change.

And yet, through democracy, some people discover freedom available to everyone, once they kick to the curb that which keeps them a slave to wages.

Take Daniel Suelo for example. He’s known for having lived without earning or spending a single penny for over a decade and a half. As a result, Daniel enjoys unsurpassed freedom. Freedom most people can’t even dream of!

We know most people won’t live in a cave without things money buys. Still Daniel’s story remains plastered all over the internet inspiring people around the world. Why?

We think because deep down people know we all can live more free. Freer than the world we live in now, with money front and center in our lives.

We love this story. We know everyone will enjoy lives far more free in Copiosis. With money gone, so much can happen. We talk about this all day every day in our content. As much freedom money can and does bring people, that freedom pales in comparison to that available without money. Sounds crazy, we know.

But we can have our cake and eat it too. While Daniel lives in a cave because he doesn’t want to earn money to pay for a traditional home, in Copiosis, people enjoy luxurious lives. Filled with homes…and everything else they want.

Plenty for everyone

Everyone enjoys shelter, education, healthcare, food and clothing all at no cost in Copiosis. Those providing such things get rich. But they don’t get paid money. Instead, we created a better way. We call it Net Benefit Rewards.

Through our innovation people who follow their passions get rich. We know passions serve humanity because through passions, everything we want gets done. We don’t need to force people into working jobs. People enjoy lives better when following passions. Doing that the world improves too.

How do you think innovations happen? Inventors, creators, leading-edgers follow inner guidance. Inner guidance comes through as passion or inspiration.

More people living from their passions will create the world we know waits for us in the future. For 15 years Daniel showed us all how freedom exists beyond money. Now, through Copiosis, a great awakening becomes possible: one where everyone enjoys freedoms not possible with money in the way.

We know people will love the future. That future keeps us excited because Copiosis makes that future our reality.

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