[VIDEO] Life: Better, More Precious Than Money

Copiosis creates a new world where money, profits and material flaunting get replaced by things people consider really valuable. Like living a life worth living.

No one really wants to work their entire lives from sun-up to sun-down. Many do. But few do that because they enjoy doing that. And some who do enjoy that kind of life, enjoying it through a kind of conditioning. One blinding them to what really matters.

When asked on their death beds, everyone, including rich people, will say things they value most don’t include money or material possessions or even working. Love, family, quality time, and leisure top many people’s list. So do health and happiness.

In Copiosis, these things take precedence. Sure people still get rich. People still do things that produce quality outcomes. And they do all that while having more fun in the doing of it.

But in this new economy we created, people live free to enjoy what really matters because what really matters gets prioritized.

You’re not meant to live so you can work. You live for the living of life. In Copiosis, that’s how everyone lives. It changes what we value as discussed in this clip.

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