Happy New Year, Copiosis Style

Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash

Oh boy. Another new year. This time, it’s even better than the last. Because the more new years I come into, the more the world prepares itself for my Magnum Opus that is the New World Order.

That’s right, that scary thing that is the stuff of some’s nightmares will turn out, as nightmares often do, a blessing. I know this. And soon others will too. But we all must remain patient while the world catches up.

I’m not being patient though. I don’t need to because I’m seeing evidence everywhere that Copiosis is happening. Instead I feel the opposite: eager, anticipatory, energized at what’s happening.

I just finished Ultra, Rachel Maddow’s podcast about domestic ultra right extremist attempts to overthrow American democracy during WWII. There are so many epiphanies in the series. But the one that’s so freaking inspiring still has me buzzing with anticipation. Because it shows how Copiosis can work.

It takes every person, freed

The podcast shows at the end how every day Americans took it upon themselves to do the right thing. Even as our government failed us, and the justice system caved, everyday individuals did what was needed to kick fascists to the curb as it were. As a result, all the ultra nationalist American Nazis in Congress at the time (who were overwhelmingly republican) were thrown out of office. Ring leaders in churches and fraternal organizations lost support or were kicked out. Journalists, private citizens and even a fired federal prosecutor did the right thing, often against death threats.

Sound familiar?

The point is, when people care enough, they will act in the interest of better. And that’s the whole basis of Copiosis. It creates a New World Order based on freeing people to do “better”. An increasing, never-ending tide of better reflecting the abundance of the All That Is and what’s possible.

Meanwhile watchdogs will exist who will keep the ne’er do wells in check. Those people intent to do harm because they, themselves have been harmed, will find themselves policed. In the same way everyday folks checked American Nazis and corrupt elected officials watchdogs will do the same all across Copiosis.

I encourage everyone to listen to the podcast. It’s revealing, well researched, provocative and shows how what’s happening today in America happened before. But thanks to a large group of individuals, the far right got no where and democracy continued.

Creating better than democracy

Admittedly, I’m for something better than democracy. But democracy is good enough, for now. It allows something better to emerge from it. That’s what Copiosis is. Copiosis is the New World Order that facilitates a real freedom. A freedom people can’t conceive of because our world today makes such a reality impossible.

That’s changing too. The evidence is now abundant. Challenges to democracy, the rising tide of nationalism, tensions between “rural” and “urban” are making people question the way things are. Questioning opens people to something better. So the evidence I see in the world tells me people are getting ready.

The evidence also is evident in me. For the more I focus on the external evidence, the more relaxed I get about our progress. Right now, more than ever, my focus is on allowing our transition funding into my experience. There’s a lot of evidence that’s going on there too. Most don’t understand how I’m doing what I’m doing, so explaining that evidence won’t help.

But when the money shows up, I expect people will be astonished. And when the money keeps coming, even skeptics will relent. That’s why I’m not patient. I don’t need to be. I believe. And belief is everything.

For to see the New World Order as happening and a great thing, one must believe it’s happening and that it’s great.

I believe. Do you?

Happy New Year.

Perry Gruber, founder, Copiosis

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