The Best Way It Happens Is When People See It Now

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

The closer we get to producing results that will convince everyone Copiosis is a thing, the more strident I get about people needing to see Copiosis is happening right now.

Waiting to see tangible evidence delays the process a lot. But only for those individuals looking for tangible evidence. Meanwhile, those willing to see it happening now, not only see the evidence, they’re excited about it. And, frankly, that’s the best way to make Copiosis happen. By people seeing it before it happens. And by people getting excited.

Many people have come and gone. They’ve show up excited. But like a firecracker, their enthusiasm flashes, bangs then disappears. Those people can’t sustain their excitement. They can’t because they need evidence keeping their excitement going.

But that’s not how this works. One must conjure excitement. When they do, they see the evidence.

Consistent application of conjured excitement creates momentum. That momentum creates more evidence. Before they know it, the person surrounds themselves in evidence. Then they believe. Then Copiosis happens.

Selective service

I’ve cultivated the core team to include people who can consistently apply conjured excitement. The result? Well, you’ll see. Before long, evidence ordinary people need will be obvious. Meanwhile, the core team will continue conjuring the next phase. Conjuring not only their individual excitement, but everything else that fuels Copiosis ongoing implementation.

It’s a rare approach, admittedly. One not for the faint of heart. That’s why the core team is small and select. We don’t all think the same. But we arrive at the same end point. That is, the best way Copiosis happens is when we individually see it happening now. Even when evidence isn’t apparent.

I’m excited as we begin the new year. My excitement is sustained. It smolders like an infinitely long, stick of incense, inexhaustible. This one factor makes me eminently qualified as Copiosis founder. As others have come and flamed out, I remain as stable as ever.

I’ve attracted a core team of individuals who also maintain stable, conjured excitement. It’s not easy for some, but the ease increases with every year.

Copiosis is now near 10 years old. And I’m no less committed to it than I was ten years ago. My personal life emulates Copiosis’ 10 year expansion. Events in my personal life convince me the path we’re on is the path. Others will just have to wait and see.

But I don’t need to wait. For me Copiosis is a done deal because I’ve conjured the result. For those who doubt, I offer one thing: Ye of little faith.

Just wait. You’ll see.

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