It’s Great Living Copiosis Right Now

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

I know at least two people living the Copiosis life right now. Or at least they live a Copiosis-like existence.

I’m one. The other person started following Copiosis a long time ago.

He recently came into a bunch of money. It allowed him to pay off all his debt. He also bought a modest house, with cash, on a lake. Before his windfall, he felt like the rest of us. He believed he must earn a living. Earning a living meant working for someone else. Something he didn’t like doing.

Along with these beliefs, he also holds beliefs which keeps him from succeeding with his passions. But he’s doing something about those beliefs and finding relief in the process.

Of course, no one need earn a living unless they believe they must. In that way, capitalism isn’t the culprit causing all the problems we see in the world. People and their beliefs are. After all, many people happily succeed inside capitalism. But for the majority of people, their beliefs about society, economics, wealth, money…all these things, creates lives they’d prefer not live.

It’s true, capitalism does cause a lot of problems. But as any capitalist will tell you, it also offers tremendous opportunity. That doesn’t mean, however, those same people are right in claiming capitalism is the best we have. Indeed, many following this blog know differently.

Back to living Copiosis now

Lately this blog has been asserting that the best way for Copiosis to emerge is through people realizing Copiosis is happening right now. The guy I referred to above is a great example.

Even though he must still pay for his necessities, he feels better with a stash of money in his bank. That allows him certain emotional and mental freedoms. Freedoms he hasn’t had before. As a result, he’s finding himself more relaxed than he ever was before. And, in that relaxed state, he feels himself decompressing from stressors that once dominated his inner state. Stressors, for sure, he created through his beliefs. But stressors amplified by living under capitalism.

This guy still lives in capitalism, but in his little bubble of life, capitalism now exists in a state of abeyance. His nest egg affords him a break from capitalist pressures. And he’s using that break extremely productively.

He’s going through the same process of decompression I believe every human will face when Copiosis becomes the de facto global economic system. Everyone will need time to decompress from the…shall we call it “trauma”?…of living under debt-based economic frameworks.

People argue which of the economic frameworks is better. Some say communism’s best. Others say capitalism is superior. Still others argue for socialism. Copiosis says none of these systems offer superior outcomes. That’s because every one relies on money to make things happen. And money’s inherent problems combined with human nature will always create more of what we don’t want alongside that which we do.

Soon…a better option

In a little while humanity will have a sincerely better option. Copiosis does not rely on money to catalyze human actions, innovation or progress. Instead, it offers a moral reward that prompts net beneficial human acts which carry hardly any negative outcomes. It’s not that the negative outcomes won’t happen. It’s just that when they do, powerful incentives will exist to head those outcomes off, before they become so big as to threaten our prosperity.

We’re getting ever closer to that reality where Copiosis emerges as a force to be reckoned with. I’m eager for that time. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the gestation. The period in which forces greater than me move and shake things. And while I wait for all that moving and shaking, I’m finding myself, like the guy I described above, living aspects of Copiosis now.

That feels great.

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