Hate Anderson Cooper, But Love His Life. It’s Everyone’s Future

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In the future that’s coming, you’re going to be like Anderson Cooper.

Not exactly like him. But your lifestyle will be similar.

You see, Anderson didn’t have to worry about earning a living, affording healthcare, a place to live, or putting food on the table. He’s literally of a dynasty, being part of the Vanderbilt family.

We’re not hating on rich people, the Vanderbilts, or Anderson personally, by the way.

What we’re saying is, in the future, you will have advantages Anderson enjoyed.

From Wealth Advisor:

[Cooper] grew up with enough of a financial cushion to concentrate on the career instead of simply taking whichever job would pay the rent. He spent his 20s on passion projects with little or no payday. Then he came to TV late and worked his way up the ladder, which starts at an intern-level salary.

Until he was a bona fide star, he never had to cash in. He could always rely on family money to cover the bills. That’s a great thing. As a result, he was able to build something on his own, keeping the Vanderbilt legacy behind the scenes until it really didn’t matter any more.

Unless your parents are rich and generous, you likely didn’t have financial cushion to spend your 20s on passion projects with little or no pay. In essence, Anderson could figure himself out, identify his passions, then pursue that with no regard for earning a living.

The results of that early lifestyle are obvious looking at where he is now.

Anderson didn’t have to struggle to put food on the table, pay bills or anything like that. And in the future you don’t either. Like many successful wealthy people who grew up wealthy, in the future, everyone will have all the time and resources needed to figure out what they’re good at, what they love to do.

Then they’ll have plenty of resources to put that loving goodness to work. And, like Anderson, they’ll benefit millions, getting rich in the process.

If that’s what they want.

And they’ll never have to worry about debt, hunger, medical bills or many other things that today keep people far from living dream lives. Not because someone will bestow millions of dollars on people. Instead, the future will make it seem that way. In that future, people will gladly provide your food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare at no cost to you. So you can focus on becoming your best person. Whatever that is.

It’s interesting that Anderson and his mom, who is in her 90s, are hard-working people. And yet they have more than enough money to not work. Both show that having all your basic needs met won’t make you lazy. That’s something we here a lot from people who think everyone must earn their living.

In other words, Anderson and his mom show that providing people all their necessities so they don’t have to work for them will not cause everyone to sit around and play video games all day.  The planet is big enough to find evidence of every conclusion. So there certainly are people who are wealthy through inheritance who make no real, significant contribution to humanity.

But so what? And why do you care? Does that mean you will do what they do?

In the future, what others are doing won’t matter. If you squander your wealth, it won’t keep others from making their own. In the future, people will be too busy enjoying their own lives to worry about yours. But if they want to, they can. And if they lend you a hand, they get paid.

We think that’s the way it should be. And it will be. In the future.

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