Your Best Works Happens When You’re Not Paid

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Ironically, you do your best work when you’re not getting paid for it. Which is why in the future you won’t be paid. Instead, you’re free to do whatever you want. Yes, whatever you want.  If what you do benefits another person or the planet, you’ll be rewarded.

That’s how you’ll get rich in the future.

Some think external motivation, like money, inspires top quality work. But if you look at top performers, their best work results from passion, not from reward motivation. Your best work does too.

Andrew Yang is a 2020 democratic presidential candidate running on a UBI platform. Last Friday, he sent a tweet acknowledging that earning a living squelches performance.

Referring to his excitement about his campaign, Yang said he’s doing his “best work”. He then added an indelible truth (truth: we don’t use that word often):

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Maybe you feel the same way. People shine when they express personal and emotional inspiration. In other words, they do their best work when they do something they care about.

Look at Yang. He’s obviously passionate about helping Americans thrive, not suffer, through the coming AI revolution. He’s passionate about not only promoting, but implementing a national Universal Basic Income (UBI) regime.

He thinks the best way to do that is by becoming president.

That takes a lot of commitment. And passion.

No wonder he’s feeling like he’s doing his best work.

In the future, you’ll have the same opportunity. Not everyone shares Yang’s presidential passion, but something inspires you. In the future, that is your success path.

In our previous post we described a future affording you freedoms of the ultra rich. You’ll be able to invest all your time into yourself and your passions. You won’t have to worry about putting food on the table, healthcare or housing costs, debt, or yours or your children’s education. All that stuff will be provided to you (and everyone else) at no cost to anyone.

In other words, you’ll be rich in time and resources. Which means it’s far easier to become financially rich.

But more important, your self worth will soar. How? Why? Because you’ll have time to do what Yang is doing: your best work. How can you not feel good about yourself when pursuing a passion?

The only catch is, you gotta give up getting paid in the way you do now. Oh, don’t worry. In the future, you’ll be financially rich. But you won’t get there by being paid by someone.

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We’re excited about this future because we understand its potential. It literally can create real freedom for everyone.

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When talking about “freedom” you have to ask: what does freedom look like? If it involves anyone doing something they don’t want to do, that’s not freedom. Here is what real freedom looks like:

A person who is free can do nothing if that’s what they want to do. A person who wants to spend all their time learning to paint, play video games all day, or fish or whatever, can. And they can do those things (or anything else) without going hungry, living on the street, or getting care for their body (or mind) if necessary. If they’re free that is. They can also get all the education they need or want to learn or improve any skill while doing whatever they want without having to earn money to get those things. And…the person exercising their freedom can do so without anyone else having to do anything they don’t want to do to support that person.

That’s real freedom. We can have this real freedom without civilization coming to a halt, without having some authoritarian government controlling things, without people taking your money, or without losing the things conservatives or progressives care about.

The way we run the world today cannot get there. That’s because they way we run the world today is not designed to get us there. It’s designed to keep you earning a living.

We can change that.


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