Why Do You Resist America Demanding Socialism?

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Benjamin Franklin’s smiling. (Photo: Vladimir Solomyani on Unsplash)

Americans demand America move closer socialist ideologies practiced in Northwestern European countries. While you and small numbers of fellow Americans quiver, these demands are done deals. And you’re going to be better off for it.

I’ll get to that. But first, consider these awesome numbers:

  • Reuters poll: 70 percent support Medicare for all, including 52 percent of Republicans.
  • Fox News poll: 70 percent support raising taxes on those making over $10 million a year.
  • Bloomberg poll: 62 percent support tuition-free college.
  • Kaiser Foundation poll: 92 percent support having Medicare negotiate with drug companies to lower drug prices.
  • Hart poll: 63 percent support $15 minimum wage.
  • Yale/George Mason poll: 81 percent support the Green New Deal plan.

If you’re resisting obviously popular opinion, you’re in good company. You’re also on the wrong side of history. Jessie Jackson is on the right side of it.

Billionaire former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is on your side. So is President Trump. In fact, many DAVOS billionaires are on your side. So are some republicans.

It’s a good chance you’re not a billionaire. You’re not, are you.

I’m curious, then why you resist policies that will make your life better?

Now, I should put this in early so you don’t miss it when you skim or give up reading this:

Clearly, these poll numbers represent a broad majority of Americans. Not just progressives. So when these people say they support medicare for all, no-cost college, living minimum wages and the Green New Deal, they aren’t thinking about old-world, Cold War era Socialism.

Please get that through your head.

They are seeing the future.

The future includes all these things (minus taxes). And while socialism promises (and fails at effectively delivering) many of these, the future will do it better, and it will do it without socialism. It will also do it without costing you or anyone else a dime.

So when broad swatches of America call for these social benefits, they don’t necessarily mean converting America to a socialist country.

So what do they mean?

They really don’t know yet, because it’s the future. Most people can’t see the future. They’re too busy with the now.

But we at Copiosis know. And if we have our way (and it sure seems we are having our way), “they” will know, and soon.

America doesn’t need socialism. American doesn’t need you resisting socialism. “Socialism” is a red herring –– a distraction –– thrown up by people who are not like you. They are billionaires. They’re literally invested in keeping things the same.

But people like you America, want the future.

The future is NOT socialism. I know what it is. And it’s going to make your life way better.

So stop resisting. Or keep resisting.Either way, the future is happening.


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