Here’s Why Capitalism Is The Best Thing Ever

The best thing about any kind of capitalism, including crony capitalism, is it inspires despondency, depression, division and massive wealth inequality. The worst thing about capitalism is it spawns despondency, depression, division and massive wealth inequality.

In other words despondency, depression, division and massive wealth inequality come baked-into a resource management process whereby people can’t get what they need unless they earn the money to get them.

That’s another great aspect of capitalism. The poor, the subjugated, those living in destabilized countries under proped-up regimes created by capitalist nations all point to capitalism superiority. Really now. Would you like to live in a poor, destabilized or puppet-government controlled country?

We didn’t think so.

We know. Everything you just read sounds outlandish. What about all the great things capitalism creates, you may ask?

Like what, for example?

Capitalism’s haters air their vehemence on various devices all connected to the internet. That internet runs on a massive physical infrastructure. An infrastructure capitalism enabled.

Look at the cars, efficient homes, jet planes, international travel, increased standards of living and longer life spans. All this innovation vindicates capitalism, right?

Sure, they might vindicate capitalism. What system created more wealth than capitalism, right?

Truth is, all these things would have happened anyway. Maybe faster if capitalism didn’t exist. The planet might have fared better too.

Ah the benefits of capitalism.

Look, human innovation doesn’t need capitalism. Innovation comes built-in to humanity. How did humans harness fire? Did some guy see “economic opportunity” then file a patent on “fire making”? Then did he offer money-making seminars on how to make fire? How about spear, and bow-and-arrows? Turning animal hide into clothing? How about knowing what to eat and what not to eat? How about art, pottery, cooking?

All these things represent human ingenuity and innovation in action. And they all happened well before any money or “investment opportunities” came about.

So no, capitalism wasn’t needed to create the world we live in. But capitalism did create the world we live in. Problems and all.

Its greatest value: trigger

Still, capitalism serves a great purpose. Its purpose was built-in when it started. That it’s taken so long to produce that purpose results from so many benefitting from capitalism. The same people promote capitalism, spreading it around the globe like a slow-motion pandemic.

Even those who think capitalism sucks perpetuate the system if only through their participation. Which is why the greatest value capitalism offers humanity is as a trigger.

In its later stages it pushes people towards better options. Many, as a result, are looking. That’s a great thing. Even if it spawns authoritarians like Donald Trump, Alexander Lukashenko, and Russia’s Putin.

Capitalism wasn’t needed to create the world we live in. But capitalism did create the world we live in. Problems and all.

Such people amplify capitalism’s benefits, prompting even more searching and hand wringing. And the more hand wringing the better. Why?

Because people aren’t going far enough in searching for better options. That’s ok though. The better plan exists. And, like human ingenuity, it’s always been here.

Capitalism and its better successor happened at exactly the same time. Since capitalism is with us in this time and space though, no other way to the better way is possible except through capitalism.

Which is why, ultimately, the best thing about capitalism is how it highlights – thus making plain – how badly we need something better. How can people reach for something better if what they have doesn’t really suck?

Russia’s Putin represents ideas being tried besides the capitalist one. That it works about as good as capitalism is a good thing.

You don’t know jack

Most economic innovators aren’t going far enough. That’s because they don’t understand it’s not capitalism per se that is the problem. The problem is more pervasive and sneaky.

That problem is money, debt and markets facilitating two way transactions. Such transactions between buyers and sellers are a TERRIBLE way to measure and create value, inspire innovation and allocate wealth.

Note that these three, money, debt and markets, exist in every dominant economic system. Socialism, Communism, Anarchies and even Dictatorships all include these three. Capitalism does too. So capitalism sucks as bad as any other dominant system because it shares elements common to all prominent systems.

Every significant nation on this planet uses money, markets and government to function, making not one of them better than the other. Same goes for their economics.

Consumers don’t know jack about what is good for them most of the time. Nor are they at all rational. Which is why we all glommed onto the combustion engine at a time when electric propulsion development was underway. Or why so many people addict themselves to toxic substances and experiences such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, sex, eating and fighting over opinions, just to name a few examples.

Meanwhile, capitalists facilitate all these irrational, maladaptive choices while making bank for themselves and their investors in the process. This is just one of many, many flaws with the money system. A money system making every economic system “work”.

No. Those thinking they have an alternative to capitalism, but still wanting to preserve the money system, don’t have solutions that can take humanity forward. This includes all forms of cryptocurrency-based systems. Time banks too.

The best: Crony Capitalism

Of all money-dependent economic systems, we at Copiosis love the crony versions best. More than any other form, they always show their true colors.

When one senator, with a (legally disclosed) financial interest in the coal industry, can kill a multibillion climate change bill the White House let HE HIMSELF write, then you know the system we live in is ripe for disruption. Disruption on a planetary scale. The same is true when friends of the Kremlin become multibillionaires.

So as they show their true colors, such systems inspire us here at Copiosis. We see more people realizing fundamental change is needed. That realization gained a fever pitch in 2020 and 2021. More is coming between now and 2024.

At Copiosis, we offer real, fundamental change that eliminates money, debt and markets. So far, nothing else offers what Copiosis does. And we have a plan to unroll it planet wide.

The best thing about capitalism is its preparatory nature. Through it, the world asks for what it deserves. It deserves a world free from debt-based economies, socio-economic domination, and government control.

Despondency, depression, division and massive wealth inequality needn’t characterize our societies. Humanity, get ready for something better.

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