Here’s your opportunity to make history

Knock knock opportunityEvery once in a while an opportunity comes along.

The choice: make history. Or not.

You are invited to participate in an e-Deliberation™ event How do we make Copiosis a viable post-scarcity society?. The event begins March 28.

In this event you’ll work with select members of the Copiosis Team as well as participants from around the world to develop a multifaceted strategy addressing the focus of this event: How do we identify and convert into opportunities risks that come with transitioning from current economic systems to a Copiosis society?. We are currently in the process of assembling participants. You’re invited. It’s free, but seats are limited.

e-Deliberation events are hosted at Groups of between 15 and 80 persons meet asynchronously via a structured process to deliberate and achieve a meeting of the minds about what to do about an issue, challenge or problem they care about – the event’s Focus.

The output of this e-Deliberation event will be a set of Outcome Resolves which together will comprehensively address the event’s Focus. The Copiosis Team will use your input to guide the team’s transition strategy.

For more information on the e-Deliberation process and events please refer to e-Deliberation’s comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions.

Find out more about this e-Deliberation event and join it.

What’s in it for you

This event offers an opportunity to directly influence our plans going forward. You will help design humanity’s future society. Participation also means being part of Copiosis’ energy and optimism. It is an infectious feeling! Finally, you can feel good that you’re taking action to change things, rather than just complaining about them.

Soon a video will be posted explaining how the process works and whats required to participate. For now you can reserve a slot by Registering Now. The event is open to people the world over. However, we slots are limited. So register today.

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