The beginning of something better

End of the world as we know itEditor’s Note: Copiosis founder Perry Gruber will be speaking as part of The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) Global Celebration Day March 15 at The Innovation Center in St. Helens, Oregon. The all-day event is free and open to the public. Perry will be presenting his presentation – Copiosis – an Overview and will be taking questions afterwards. Find out more here


Z Day.

It has a ring to it. It connotes the final day. Presumably the end of the world as we know it and the beginning of something better. If you know about persistent problems plaguing human civilization, memes like “99 percent”, “One Percent” and “Occupy”, you probably know a lot about The Zeitgeist Movement. At least you’ve seen the movie.

TZM Oregon Supporters will be gathering in St.Helens to celebrate yet another year of organizing and positive action.

We have argued in the past that TZM and other movements, such as the one Charles Eisenstein is creating and the Occupy Movement, are our kindred folk. We all recognize challenges humanity faces as our system ossifies. Uniquely, these movements organize people beyond mere complaining – a palliative at best – and onto solutions. While the masses wallow in apathy, defend the status quo, or sit stunned by divisive tactics masked as polarizing ideologies, TZM has for some time offered visions that can bring people together.

Every year they celebrate their success. This year, we’re going to be there with them.

We have always argued there is more about people that unites them than that which divides them. At Z Day we look forward to meeting new faces based on things we all share.

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