How not to do it

innovation isGood golly. They got so close.

Those focusing on systemic change often point to Northern Europe for evidence that change is possible. Sometimes evidence from Northern Europe teaches a better lesson: how to not do it. While Icelanders approved their crowdsourced constitution created shortly after the Great Recession, the powerful and the elite came in as sure as the tide to muck it up. Here’s the good news. And the lesson.

We’re taking this one to heart here at Copiosis.

This lesson is one reason why cynics believe change isn’t possible. What they don’t get is powerful, lasting change is incremental. It learns from past mistakes. Indeed anything worth doing is worth failing at one time, ten times even ten thousand times. The failures teach the more you learn, the closer you area to getting it right.

Some will read the lesson and see it as evidence of why what we’re doing can’t be done. We see it differently: it’s a gift showing us what to be watchful for, so we won’t repeat that mistake.

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