Why how you see the world is important

Key to changeThere’s a lot to be seen in the world.

For those wanting to see changes, we can spend our entire lives looking at all the things going wrong, share them, talk about them, argue with others about them, complain about them, use them to prove to others why the world is so wrong and needs changing……

Or we can look for the solutions.  We can see the world full of them. People creating things that will make the world better, marketing things that are making the world better, doing things that are making other people better. We can share these, talk about these and use them to explain why the world is great…..and how we’re going to make it even better.

We’re focused on solutions. We could focus our time on the problems. But we can’t do that and focus on solutions too. We spend our time all day every day focusing on solutions. As a result, the solutions are what are revealed to us, not the problems. That’s why we’re changing the world.

That’s why how you see the world is important.

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