Humans are overrated

HumansThat’s the reason Jeff (not his real name) used to explain why science was the solution to our global problems. The conversation, debate, one-sided argument?  Not sure what it was really. Anyway, it started when I said unrestrained human passion is the solution to our problems.

Jeff countered, saying, “Without reason, passion is worthless.”  Then he argued that passion by itself—and the inspiration that comes from it and that drives all innovation—is hocus-pocus.  He claimed all human inventions have risen from the halls of science.  Without it, he argued, human beings would be nowhere.

Then I pointed out inventions that occurred before science had been invented.  Flint and other tools.  Art. Communication.  Community.  I said that these originate from within the human spirit as inspiration.  He called that “magic.”

When I explained that every single human invention, every achievement, every advancement began first with passion about the subject, he scoffed.

When I explained that without passion, people wouldn’t push through the multitude of failures paving the road to a breakthrough, he claimed that I “don’t fully understand what science is.”

When I told him that unreasonableness, not reason, is the fount of all invention, he called my view “ridiculous.”  When someone listening in added that the human spirit drives science, Jeff said, “Humans are overrated.”

Humans created science.  Human passion is our most potent solution. Inexhaustible, it can solve any problem humans can conceive.  That’s why Copiosis is focused on releasing the power of every single human being’s passion.  When we accomplish that, the world will be forever changed for the better.

Do you agree?

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