Endless growth is not humanity’s problem

Some people who believe the world needs changing point to endless growth as humanity’s choke point.  They believe the Earth’s carrying capacity cannot sustain the consumerism inspired by capitalism.  If that consumerism were to spread to other countries, which seems to be happening, we’d be in deep doo-doo, they say.  Others say we are already in the doo-doo. I … Continue reading Endless growth is not humanity’s problem

Humans are overrated

That’s the reason Jeff (not his real name) used to explain why science was the solution to our global problems.  The conversation, debate, one-sided argument?  Not sure what it was really.  Anyway, it started when I said unrestrained human passion is the solution to our problems. Jeff countered, saying, “Without reason, passion is worthless."  Then he argued that … Continue reading Humans are overrated