I forgive Peter Joseph

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He does not know what he does.

In September, I got word from Z-Day 2017 organizers in Australia that they wanted Copiosis to present at the global TZM event. They strongly believe Copiosis has a lot to offer TZM and their theme “unity” was strongly aligned to having Copiosis present. Many TZM members feel the same way about advantages Copiosis offers. That’s not surprising. It’s one reason why I offered Copiosis to the organization in the first place.

However, in November, I received a message on Facebook from a third TZM supporter who also believes strongly in Copiosis. He shared a video from a TZM-described “troll” titled “The Zeitgeist Movement feels threatened by Copiosis.” The video was actually an audio recording of a Z-Day Australia organizer talking with what sounds like senior TZM members about Copiosis’ involvement (particularly MY involvement) in Z-Day 2017. A consummate diplomat, the organizer was trying to defend her decision to include Copiosis to an audience obviously not happy about her decision.

This month, I received another Facebook message. It was from one of the Australian organizers. He told me Peter Joseph sent them a “scathing, grammatically error filled email” saying “If Perry is allowed to talk at Z-Day, I will not attend the event, nor will I support it by promoting around the world.” I asked for a copy of the email. That request was refused. The organizer said Peter said in the email that Copiosis’ approach/values are “diametrically opposed” to TZM. I would agree with that from TZM’s perspective, but that’s because TZM’s perspective is quite narrow, boarding (ironically) on religiously dogmatic. What’s interesting is, despite TZM leadership’s view, so many TZM members actually agree with Copiosis’ approach and values. Including some prominent members whose names I won’t use to protect their identities.

Before I go any further, I forgive Peter. He doesn’t know what he’s doing and I understand that. So I hold no ill feelings personally towards him. Heck, I don’t hold any ill feelings towards anyone at TZM. Not the guy in the video claiming I need to “step up” or the Australian organizers.

The TZM member who shared the video above with me said Copiosis has to reach an audience far larger than TZM to be successful and that Copiosis should leave TZM in the dust. I totally agree. My story about Peter’s reaction and this whole kerfuffle is the “leaderless” organization that is TZM indeed has leaders and they are threatened by what Copiosis represents: an alternative to their approach which offers real solutions to problems keeping a better future from happening. Solutions TZM doesn’t have. In their fear, they have acted as dictators, refusing to listen to the membership. It’s funny because some TZM members understand what this means about the organization and it’s leaderless leadership.

It’s so interesting how things happen. Everything is happening for a reason. Peter’s reaction doesn’t surprise me, just as it hasn’t surprised people who know the story. What happens next is going to be equally interesting.

It’s been an interesting year working with TZM members and getting to know how they think and feel. Now it’s time to move on with larger efforts to reach larger audiences. I’m eager to see what larger results Copiosis is going to create in the world.

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