Works in progress mean progress


Many people have been inspired this past year by what they see in Copiosis. As a result, they have taken action this year hoping to do something to help make Copiosis a reality.

This is Stigmergy in action. It is also IMHO a new form of leadership humanity can embrace and benefit from.

Everyone, acting from their passion can collectively make remarkable things happen. There’s no need to join forces or alliances or allegiances. Together, these individual acts can amount to something huge. I am eager to see the hugeness that will come from both these ideas and others. It’s cool to think about what people are doing that I’m not even aware of.

As for Stigmergy, we’re not embracing the philosophy as much as we could inside Copiosis. We’re as much a work in progress on that as we are on Copiosis itself. But we’re making great progress on both. Humanity is a work in progress too. I love that humanity is beginning to ask questions leading to serious conversations about how to make our future reality far better than what we have today.

The larger and intractable-seeming our problems, the larger and more magnificent the solutions we create. That’s humanity’s crowning achievement: its ability to solve problems in ways that turn problems into pivot points for new and better futures. Anyone who is down on humanity, or down on the future doesn’t understand the greatness that is humanity.

Those who know this aren’t down. They’re encouraged. I count myself among them


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