In praise of the earlyvangelist

The chico group
Old and new guard in the Chico Project. Next to me, back row from l – R: Erica, Linda, and Serene. In front of Serene: Lynn. Barbara and XXX were guests attending. Barbara is now a project participant. She had some great ideas for us.

Chris Gillebeau wrote a book: The $100 Start Up. In it, he talks about building a “small army.” No, this isn’t about war and killing.  It’s about making something happen that lasts, that produces real results fast and gains both momentum and traction.

The “small army”  is made up of the same people I call Earlyvangelists. They are people who are so excited about what you are doing, they not only get involved, they tell many other people, often people like themselves, who end up doing the same thing.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

I can’t over express how important Copiosis Earlyvangelists are. There are so many now, it is hard to give them all the praise I wish to heap on them. In the future, though, I’m pledging to make sure the world knows who these people are. Without them, Copiosis would not be possible.

They are people like Erica, who I’ve mentioned before. She singlehandedly created an even smaller group of Earlyvangelists in Chico, who together organized what is now the Chico Demonstration Project. Erica is part of the old guard. If Copiosis was an army, she would be one of the generals. So would Lynn, Linda, and Anthony.

There are many other people. People like Joe, who over two years has been instrumental in our outreach efforts. It’s because of Joe that I had the pleasure of meeting Lalo Calles, a young, inspiring engineer who has big dreams for changing the world. Lalo traveled from Stockton to Chico, while I was visiting the demonstration project there.  He came to give me his resume and talk with me about the Copiosis transition. We won’t likely be hiring for some time, but when we do, I’m going to look him up.  We ended up mostly talking about his dreams and aspirations, including plans he has for he and his brother, wherein they use their engineering skills to make a difference in the world.

Serene Love is a newer Earlyvangelist. Her’s is the energy behind the Chico permaculture project. The project has huge aspirations. While in Chico, I didn’t get a chance to see the full breadth of her work, unfortunately. There was just not enough time. I did however get to meet 1:1 with her (late at night) before the big meeting we had. Her passion for Copiosis surprised me! It also humbled me as her enthusiasm for Copiosis rivals my own. It’s people like Serene that drive me forward (beyond my own personal commitment to Copiosis). Her youthful energy and flat-out conviction that Copiosis is a done deal is largely responsible for the new energy Chico is feeling these days. Way to go Serene.

Thurman is another enthusiastic leader in our ranks. He’s down in Texas doing his own thing as he single-handedly designs his own demonstration project down there. I know he’s out talking up Copiosis. Every time we talk, I’m really inspired. Brandon and Kathy are down there too. Both are doing what they can I’m sure to make their projects work. This is one reason why I really need to get out on the road. Personal attention to the projects really keeps them moving forward.

Denver in Spain is another member of the old guard. He was there when Copiosis was just an idea. No website, no book. Nothing. He didn’t believe it was possible at first, but in time saw the potential. He’s doing what he can in Zaragoza, talking Copiosis up with his students. I’m eager to see the whites of his eyes in person, shake his hand and introduce him to Nacho and Alicia, new enthusiasts who live in Madrid. To have two projects ongoing in Spain would be huge.

Then there’s Darren and Chris. I would say Darren calls the world his home. He’s on his way to Berlin, where his initial plans called for him starting a demonstration project. He’s since changed his plans to Laos, but his website based on Copiosis is no less inspiring. I would say his project is even more inspiring than it would have been had he continued with his original plans. It also has more potential. I love what he is doing.

Chris is on fire. He saw my presentation in Greece, went home and did his homework. Then he created his own website on the innovation. He is now responsible for entering Copiosis (Finland) in a Finland-wide contest for innovations that can make the world better for Fins. The winning project will receive one million Euros to make the project a reality. That’s pretty cool. Whether Copiosis Finland wins or not doesn’t matter. The energy Chris is putting out is going to make big things happen no matter what.

If you’re following our work on Facebook you know about Emilia. She is excited about Copiosis too. She has become the first regularly participating Payer Organization member since I put out a call for people to join the organization. A great idea person and organizer, her contributions are allowing me to focus on building Copiosis rather than concentrating on work product. I still have to do that work, but more and more people are stepping up to help. Jeremy is another one of these folks. So is Tony. So is another guy named Chris.

This second Chris also deserves special mention. He owns a social group on Facebook with over 1.5 million people in it. He is in the enviable position of being able to monetize those eyeballs, so he can earn income while serving his passion (making the world a better place). Chris is not only a Copiosis Patron, he is also helping me by giving Copiosis free access to this group as well as use of his new website wherein people offer as gift their skills to worthy causes. Causes like Copiosis. Got some skill you’re wanting to share with others? You might want to be part of that community.

Finally, but not last by any stretch is my wife and partner Bridget. She hasn’t always believed Copiosis is a good idea, but she’s now seeing the value, import and, with it spreading she’s beginning to believe that is has potential. She has funded much of the work and continues as a major patron. Thanks honey.

There are literally probably hundreds of other people I know, but also people I am totally unaware of out there in the world who are helping make Copiosis a reality in their own ways. To all these people I offer my deepest praise and my assurance that your contribution is not wasted. As far as I’m concerned, Copiosis is a done deal.

It’s a done deal because of, among other things, your contribution.  And for that, I thank you all.



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