In The Future People Will Love Real Heroes

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Memorial Day encourages honoring men and women who gave the great sacrifice in war. For some Memorial Day means something sinister. How do soldiers, sailors and Marines, their profession, and their mission fit in a Copiosis society? As a former Marine myself, my perspective is personal. Doubly so as Copiosis’ founder.

Mixed feelings swirl inside each Memorial Day. On past Memorial Days I indulged in movie marathons. I watched epic war films honoring soldiers, sailors and Marines in their fight against our “common enemies”. Saving Private Ryan and Thin Red Line topped my holiday movie favorites.

But these days I feel different.

Dying for your country is honorable?

Overcoming a person’s natural aversion to killing requires significant and intense indoctrination. Humans don’t naturally kill. Military service starts with “boot camp” for this reason. New recruits must overcome their natural “do not kill” aversion before they are battle ready.

Many parts of fighting wars are about teaching kids how to overcome their inherent aversion to killing. Yet, in war, they face point blank the reality of human-caused death. And we wonder why so many soldiers commit suicide?

Most Americans profess belief in God, Christian values, and peace. Yet they’re ok funding the most expensive, most powerful military. Yes, these same Americans believe peace requires war preparedness. I believed that once. Today’s world supports thinking this way: we haven’t had a major war in a long time. But we’re ready to blow any country to smithereens.

But what would happen if we didn’t prepare for war? What if we vacated our military occupations and ended our regime change schemes? What if instead we created so much prosperity we had enough to freely share with others?

Maybe it looks like war preparedness ensures peace because we believe it does.

Everyone doesn’t agree might creates peace

I said at least one organization feels different about Memorial Day. I’m sure there are others. Rival Nations is a Christian group of anonymous followers of Jesus. They have a lot to say about America. Most of it isn’t good. Here’s what they say about war:

Because war is such a satanic act, soldiers on the battlefield are working at cross purposes to the Kingdom of God which is for the life of every person.

Rival Nations

Rival Nations is against any killing and considers war a major conflict with Christian values. What’s more, they say America as a nation can’t be Christian. That’s because it glorifies war. It should, they say, honor those rejecting temptations of violence and vengeance. Like Jesus did.

I’m not making a religious argument. I’m setting the stage for Copiosis’ argument for peace. For in honoring sacrifices made in war, we sanction and even elevate the causes of war. In doing so, we make room in our minds for more war, as if killing were justified for certain reasons when, by every major tenet of any spirituality, killing never is justified.

Things are different in Copiosis

In Copiosis, the world is united. There are no resources, or ideologies driving one set of people to kill another for. Everyone’s basic necessities are created and provided, with those creating them getting rich and consumers being well cared for, no matter where they live, how they live or what they believe.

That’s right, even an asshole gets his necessities. Some argue an asshole in Copiosis would starve. That person’s community wouldn’t give him what he needs because no one likes him, they say.

But where everyone is free, for sure some businesses will be asshole-owned. Including necessity-providing businesses. So providers would likely provide both assholes and angels – and everyone in-between – what they need. That’s happening today.

Writers of the famous “Soup Nazi” episode, of iconic “Seinfeld” fame, based that character, clearly an asshole, on a real life restauranteur, for example.

Back to Memorial Day

Usually, government decision, not popular vote starts wars. Nations fight wars over resources and land disputes, or because one government wants more power and influence.

While that’s so, some say positive psychological effects explain why people support their nation’s wars.

Early American psychologist William James argued as much. He said war connects people – not just battle-engaged army, but the whole community. It brings a sense of cohesion. War enforces communal goals, and inspires honor and selflessness. Some find meaning and purpose in battle. Purpose transcending everyday life’s supposed monotony.

Higher human qualities often get expressed in war. Qualities like bravery and self-sacrifice.

REPORTER: You know why you’ve done this for 22 years? COMBAT SOLDIER IN AFGHANISTAN: Sir I don’t know why I’ve done this for 22 years. I just, I’ve enjoyed it and I’ve just kept doing it. And as long as I can stay healthy and keep doing it, I’m gonna keep doing it. REPORTER: Even after a mission like this? (where the soldier’s unit was ambushed and took heavy casualties). COMBAT SOLDIER: Even after a mission like this. (Photo: By U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ace Rheaume.)

But war is not the only way

Those things are available in non-combat environments too though. So, to me, those arguments ring hollow.

Not everyone thinks as I do. I believe in Copiosis military conflict would still be a thing…for a time. But real freedom does funny things to people. Even the thought of it transforms people. I think societies full of really free people see war as anachronistic.

Of course, by “real freedom” I mean this:

I’ve seen what happens when people get what freedom like this could mean. Their whole idea about life changes. In that change, new possibilities emerge. That’s what Copiosis offers. New possibilities.

For now it’s needed, not in the future

In his book The Decadent Society, conservative author Ross Douthat makes a good argument. He says wars and other human-caused negative cataclysms are so scarce today because many have too much to lose. The most lethal nations today have fat, fun and happy citizenry. They’re luxuriating in decadence. Rocking the boat makes no sense when you’re fat, having fun and happy.

How much more so when everyone lives in decadence?

Standing armies are needed today because decadence isn’t total. Peace struggles when resources are constrained, scarce and hoarded by some then lorded over others. That causes government saber rattling. Sometimes governments draw their sabers. Sometimes on their own people.

A well trained and equipped fighting force makes sense today because people believe it makes sense. That doesn’t mean having one is honorable. Nor is dying in one.

A strong defensive force will keep a Copiosis early adoption nation safe from legacy nations fearing what Copiosis offers. But so would mollifying those nations’ people with fabulous luxuries and plentiful necessities.

Maybe then we’ll give turning mass casualty events called war into holidays, parades and flag waving celebrations. We can still enjoy hot dogs, BBQ and pie. But let’s celebrate something worth celebrating.

Let’s celebrate the day we realize there are no enemies, only reflections of ourselves. When we see that then improve ourselves so too will our reflections.

Perhaps once that happens, humanity will celebrate the true heroes: those who brought peace. Not war.

Perry Gruber

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