People Get Rich Only When They Do Good

Even in Copiosis, there will be individuals who will try “gaming the system”. But gaming doesn’t work when people get rewarded when they make the system ever better. Wealth in Copiosis flows to those producing the real value.

In a way though, even those gaming the system create value: they reveal vulnerabilities and weaknesses in current state of software. So they can get rewards for what some think are destructive acts.

This shows how nearly every human act creates benefit down the line. That’s why Copiosis rewards every human act no matter how small. It doesn’t work that way from the beginning, of course, but as it gets better, the Copiosis algorithm gets better at doing what’s promised. And when someone makes it better, that someone gets rewarded.

Even the gamer.

So everyone gets rich by doing what they do because nearly everything merits an award…so long as results are net beneficial.

Property owners/stewards see increased wealth too. But the majority of NBR goes to this using the property to create value. That means front line folks get the lion’s share of awards. Owners get rewarded, but their wealth comes from their own value, not the value produced by others.

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