Making the impossible impossible

Impossible 2.001“The person who says something is impossible should not interrupt the person who is doing it.”

– Chinese Proverb

“Impossible” ignores reality.

“It can’t be done” has lots of company. Cynics, “realists”, pessimists, the armchair quarterback, the guy in the stands. Get on the field and make something happen. Oh, we see. It’s easier to sit there and pot shot. “Good luck with that.”

Those who make the impossible possible are a lonely bunch. Until naysayers are proven wrong. Time after time through history, “It can’t be done” has been wrong.


We don’t understand how one can look themselves in the mirror, see a bird fly overhead and still believe in “impossible.” Considering human life and birds emerged basically from nothing, we would think the realm of possible far exceeds that which may be impossible. May, because, perhaps nothing is impossible….

Yet, we don’t begrudge those who hold fast to “impossible” even in the face of massive evidence to the contrary. At one point we too believed in “impossible.” Now that we understand how things work, we get that impossible is more a state of mind. Not reality.

If you believe in “impossible” you’re free to continue. But stay in the stands. We don’t want you on the field where shit gets done.

Especially the impossible.

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