Making the impossible impossible

"The person who says something is impossible should not interrupt the person who is doing it." - Chinese Proverb "Impossible" ignores reality. "It can't be done" has lots of company. Cynics, "realists", pessimists, the armchair quarterback, the guy in the stands. Get on the field and make something happen. Oh, we see. It's easier to … Continue reading Making the impossible impossible

Why can’t Utopia be our goal?

By Don Vande Krol   Well heck! If Copiosis is not Utopia, then why should we settle for it? Why not strive for Utopia? You ask if I can imagine a nation in which there are no problems? Well, yes, I can. All I have to do is imagine some problem like pollution, or crime, … Continue reading Why can’t Utopia be our goal?

How the impossible becomes possible

Reality is replete with case studies of humanity making the impossible possible. The end of slavery in America. The women's suffrage movement. All kinds of advances in the sciences. A black president. For each of these, there were some who claimed - with conviction - that such things were impossible. When will people learn that … Continue reading How the impossible becomes possible