On listening and believing

ciaThe future we’re creating at Copiosis is a technological marvel people are calling one of the best solutions they’ve seen so far to our current problems. Particularly our transition plan.

But we don’t stand by the technology. We stand by what it facilitates.

This Video we posted on the Copiosis Facebook page points to the real changes needed to make the future we believe is possible, reality. All the real changes have to do with people realizing new ways of being, ways of being that are within their grasp. What are those ways of being?

  • People must realize there is no scarcity. To be free from that belief, the transition to the new future must simultaneously show them HOW there is no scarcity at the same time claiming there is none. One can’t be done without the other. That’s why we have our technological solution: it offers context for people realizing that there is no scarcity.
  • People must realize they are in a vast cooperative endeavor made up of billions of others (people, the natural world, beings seen and unseen, etc.) that together make up “life.” The cooperative endeavor we all are a part of depends on and thrives in all kinds of diversity without which the world would be sterile. People are not “rugged individuals” capable of “going it alone;” “self made men” “pulling themselves up by their boot straps” and all that other western hoopla, including puritanical religious teachings which cause people to think they are separate and don’t need anyone. These beliefs not only give people a distorted understanding of their place in the universe, it also causes their intellect to live in fear of virtually everything, particularly death, which itself isn’t real.
  • People must realize all they need is being joyfully provided to them by these others and that they are in a vast web of love and connection. Not trying to be hippie groovy here. The only reason most of us work jobs is because the framework we’ve accepted creates an artificial perception that you must earn what you consume. This is plain old bullshit enforced from way back when we made up that we were separate from the natural world and the natural world (and others in it) was something that had to be tamed and conquered or that tamed and conquered us.
  • People must realize that they find their greatest joy in self-exploration, which includes not only intellectual expression, but creative, emotional, sexual and identity exploration.
  • People must discover their passions and the value of allowing them to thrive. This self-exploration is what it (life) is really all about.
  • Of course, you can’t “tell” people these things. You must “show” them. Not only that, you must give them the “how” so they can show themselves. That’s what Copiosis is about. Greed, puritanical conditioning (particularly in the West), religious fundamentalism, scientific fundamentalism, secularism and such will take care of themselves once these other things are re-discovered and understood.

We just need to listen more and blame less. But first, we need a system to free us to do that. That system I believe is Copiosis.

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