We are not lost

Make it happen.001I used to get discouraged sometimes about whether the United States could do the right thing, whether I would have to work jobs, earn a living, do what others were doing. Then I would remember: we are not lost.

Sometimes I read consciousness-broadening books. People’s history of the United States, and Debt the first 5000 years, or more recently, The Decadent Society: How We Became the Victims of Our Own Success, for example. Then I’d get pissed. Then I remember: we are not lost.

There are movies, such as 12 Years a Slave, Elysium, and Dirty Wars. I watch them and get angry. Then I remember: we are not lost.

Now I see BLM, all the people cops are killing, America The Divided, the economic shut down, and I’m not angry, pissed, or discouraged. Quite the contrary: I’m ENCOURAGED.

How you see the world depends largely on how you think. How you act. What you believe. Too much negativity and you’ll succumb. See how what’s happening creates better and you’ll be encouraged.

Where does my confidence come from? Knowing it just takes one person to get the ball rolling, being that person, then seeing the ball beginning to roll. Let me show you why all is not lost. It’s not lost because the world is preparing itself for Copiosis.

A denial of facts?

Maybe, maybe not. There are as many facts proving what I’m saying here as there are disproving what I’m saying. Which set of facts makes you feel better? If I were you, I’d focus there, then I’d take action. Here’s some action you can take:

Make a time investment in Copiosis. Help us create a different human civilization; one that works for everyone. We need money. After all, we live in a money-based world right now and little happens without that resource.

But we also invite your smarts. Two to three days of your time spread out over a month or so will help create a world we once thought impossible:

  • Healthcare for all at no cost
  • All the education a person wants provided at no cost
  • Food, clothing, shelter, provided to all at no cost
  • A civilization free of governments, none which have operated in the best interest of humanity
  • All of humanity freed from wage and debt slavery
  • Elimination of nearly all crime including corruption, theft, trafficking, extortion etc.
  • Elimination of wealth-derived power, political power, all power used to oppress and control others
  • An explosion of business opportunities
  • The end of unemployment
  • The end of capitalism, socialism, and communism

Does this list inspire you? Help make it happen by joining us.

This is no pipe dream. It is becoming our reality. More people are finding Copiosis the most logical system to follow capitalism, socialism, and communism’s end. I think you will too.

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