The Ultra Marathon

IMG_4108Not everyone is cut out to change the world. And yet, each person does exactly that in their own unique way.

Making capitalism obsolete is a herculean task, a task I think the majority of people aren’t predisposed to tackling. Which makes those who are making capitalism obsolete the real heroes.

These people see a future you can’t taste, touch, feel or even see. Your senses are not equipped to experience the reality which moves these people to act, to make what they see reality for everyone else. While most people have swallowed the false idea that “reality” includes only those things human senses can confirm, these people, the stalwart few, don’t focus on “what is” they focus on what is possible.  These people march to a different drum.

That march is the Ultra Marathon.

The Ultra Marathon is the conditioning run that lasts at least a decade but usually twenty years or more. For some, it lasts a lifetime. The win is not crossing a finish line. It is seeing  the vision gradually becoming humanity’s reality. The Ultra Marathon is the process by which a few people make “reality” for the rest.  The Ultra Marathon looks different for different people, but one thing is certain: it begins when a single person decides “what is” can be better. Then they set out to make it so.

Not everyone who is up for pursuing a vision makes it. But isn’t this natural? In nature we find endless examples wherein trillions – seeds, larvae, eggs, bacteria – are spawned, born, laid, or created with the full expectation that the majority will not make it to maturity.  And yet, we see millions of animals, plants, microscopic species of all kinds roaming this great habitat we call Earth.  What is the percentage of those that don’t make it? What is the percentage of those that do?

A person criticized me and Copiosis over Twitter recently. Claiming that because 90 percent of startups fail, he said Copiosis was doomed. I strenuously disagree. I can see what it is that causes those things in nature to “make it.”  I’m putting what I know into Copiosis. I’m not here to convince anyone that Copiosis is a done deal. Nor do I need to. I’m on the Ultra Marathon and I intend to see it through. And I’m in good company.

There are a lot of people excited about this work. I am enthusiastic when people write to say they want to start a demonstration project, or become a Patron of the work, or support us in a way best suited to their skills. I know not everyone has the life situation, the mindset, or the understanding and temerity to make it the entire way. But I also know every step someone chooses to walk with us, every act each person makes to move us forward takes our effort that much closer to making real for the world what I see is a done deal.

What is my vision?

  • A world where everything is possible for everyone because there are no barriers
  • A world where every human being has every need fulfilled in abundance
  • A world where every human being is free to focus on their self-actualization, not meeting basic needs
  • A world where because we are all focused on our self-actualization, humanity makes huge strides, creating prosperity not just for humanity, but for all living and non-living things on this planet
  • A world where we no longer have to forgo doing what we know can be done because we can’t afford it
  • And a world where human joy replaces human consumption as the commodity traded between people’s worldwide

That is the vision I see in my mind’s eye. That is what I am working to make real for everyone. And that is why I choose to run.

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