People Become Awesome In The Future Copiosis Creates

In the video below, Copiosis Political Strategist Christopher Hatton beautifully describes Copiosis’ Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) as an organization. It enables every individual so they FREELY express their inherent creative capability.

Everyone is a creator at heart.

Humanity is awesome. Every human potentially stands to change the world. This is why we design the Copiosis algorithm so it rewards EVERY human action. Not just ones markets monetize. Because every human action has value, everyone should be and can be rich.

Listen to Christopher perfectly describe what happens as Copiosis unfolds:

Not everyone will express their true potential in the beginning. That’s why Copiosis provides necessities to all at no cost. From there, people can relax, tune into their intuition and lead with what they’re most passionate about. Then, and only then, can they accomplish what they came into the world to uniquely contribute.

We love what’s possible with Copiosis. We really love that we’re making what’s possible reality. It’s taking a while, but the wait is worth it.

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