We Love It When One Person Sees A Better Future

We have Colin R. Turner’s passion. A staunch advocate for a freer world, Colin, since as far back as we can remember shares insights and information about the better world we all expect.

Sharebay.org, his long-running initiative to create the world he believes is possible, recently celebrated over 800 unique offers in their new economic project:

His latest is excellent

But what we really love most recently about his work is the video he created about a computer simulation he designed (with the help of Net Logo). It explores what happens in capitalism and how wealth disparity reveals itself over time.

Many already know capitalism creates massive wealth disparity, and may think it’s not worth exploring something already known. But what’s really interesting is what Colin discovers next. It’s so interesting, our Core Group loved the video.

Colin’s latest vid scores hits with our Core Group.

Rather than telling you what he found – and thus stealing his thunder and clicks – we encourage you to watch video itself, which is less than 15 minutes.

Now, we haven’t looked too deep into the model he’s using. As we said though, we love Colin’s focus, his commitment and passion, so we’re more than happy amplifying his reach by talking about his latest creation.

Copiosis creates the better world

It’s no surprise our core team sees in this model justification for Copiosis working. When we no longer limit what’s valuable to be defined as something people are willing to pay money for, all of a sudden the unlimited value humans create becomes apparent.

This model shows how that unlimited value can create a world where everyone is rich and no one gets left behind. Not everyone need understand this. The more individuals get it, the more those early adopters, will move the rest of humanity towards the future they see.

Colin is one such early adopter. We’re happy to include him among our fellow travelers.

You can follow Colin’s work on Twitter or support him on Patreon.

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