Plutocrat Ninja Move: Conspiracy Theory

Doubt is their concealmentWe’re amazed at Plutocrat brilliance. They’re like ninjas.

Long ago, Plutocrats (landed lords and kings) created money.

Today representative politics, consumerism and relative wealth keep us in wage slavery.

Relative wealth: So long as my income is more than that guy, I’m OK.

BAM! Ninety-nine percent: Conquered.

That’s the magic. Now the trickery.

Plutocrats hide their most powerful strategies in doubt. Then they go a step further. They create and define a system (representative government) supposedly enabling market control, wealth creation, jobs, supporting the poor, building infrastructure, conducting research and providing national security.

Some of this they’ll actually do. Just enough to keep you happy. They invest billions of your income to do them, including financing the system itself. They call it “Democracy”, even though it’s not. Wrap it in the flag. Call it “freedom” even when it’s not.

Here’s what freedom sounds like:


Next, they use this system, including other people, to keep people guessing. Success looks like – conspiracy theories – a cobbled together strings of ideas, facts and falsehoods that sound just enough to be true…yet might not be. Before long, the 99 percent is doing the Plutocrat’s job.

Racism is a plutocrat domination strategy. It keeps the 99 percent fighting among itself, dazed and confused, thinking “black” people, or “white” people, Democrats, Republicans, non-christians, christians are the problem.

Mission accomplished.

Finally, plutocrats elevate select 99 percent members to high status, people with relevance: news anchors, pundits and such. Together they foment silly names for secret organizations – both real and imagined. They foster leaks – not too many – so theories spring up adding more confusion. The 99 percent are left scratching our heads.

There’s truth in conspiracy theories. Not truth in the theories themselves, but truth in their myth. It’s the myth that has power, because myths have power.

The question is, what are we going to do with them?

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