Copiosis Is Coming: Signs – Everywhere

better mousetrap
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Signs surround me proving Copiosis is happening. Evidence is everywhere. Even things people said were impossible are happening (I’ll get to that). That’s not the reason I’m convinced Copiosis is a done deal though.

I’m convinced because it offers so much for everyone – even those who oppose it – that it makes living in capitalism brutish and short in comparison.

It is the better mousetrap.

On Sept. 10 at 4 p.m. PDT, two aspiring political candidates join Copiosis political strategist and economist Christopher Hatton to talk about Copiosis from a political perspective. These two folks want the world Copiosis creates. They’re both working in their respective passions – politics – in ways that smooth the way for Copiosis.

Heidi Briones
Heidi Briones

Heidi Briones from Hillsboro Oregon is a passionate supporter of many of former Presidential 2020 Candidates, Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson’s campaign pledges including Universal Basic Income, Universal Healthcare, and democracy reform. She ran for Congress for Oregon’s first district this year with endorsements both from Yang and Williamson. She has political background, working as a legislative aid in Sacramento.

Instead of continuing her law degree, she sought a career in education, taking jobs abroad and in the US as an English teacher. But she wasn’t making enough money, so she learned about the gig economy as a Lyft driver. She has worked for Tesla, building the Model 3. It was there where she got curious about automation disrupting human jobs…

UBI isn’t her only political strategy for smoothing the way to a better future. She’s got other tools up her sleeve, which we’ll talk about on Sept. 10.

Mike Vick and family.

Mike Vick, 37, is an evangelical Christian and a libertarian socialist who ran unopposed as a democrat for Indiana’s House District 29. Mike serves as field canvass director for Indiana’s largest consumer advocacy group, fighting for fair utility rates, energy policy reform, pollution prevention and family farmers. Mike organized home care and child care workers, fighting for better pay and working conditions. He also raised funds for a global nonprofit organization fighting for a green and peaceful future. He’s supportive of causes which level the playing field for ordinary people of all types.

When Mike found out about Copiosis, he immediately got involved. He’ll talk with Chris and Heidi about tactics he has in mind for making Copiosis reality.

Your idea is too complex…it will never happen

Some say our algorithm and data it needs will never happen because monitoring every transaction around the world at any moment is impossible. Little do such people know much of that work happens today, the data is readily accessible and we’re getting better and better at it all the time.

For example, our CTO shared an outstanding example of leading edge tech being used right now. This is exactly the tech we need for Copiosis Organization data tracking and collection down to the individual transaction level. Again, this technology is not science fiction. It is in place today.

It allows Austral Fisheries, part of the Maruha Nichiro seafood group, to collect crazy amounts of data about its Patagonian Toothfish operation. This technology tracks the journey of every fish caught, wherever that happens in the world – Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas – and traces it all the way to the grocery. Check it out:

Using data science and machine learning, the technology company OpenSC  verified that Austral’s vessels were fishing in legal zones, traced Toothfish from catch in Antarctic waters through customers in Asia, Europe and the Americas using a host of technology including the Internet of Things and Blockchain. That allowed Austral to tell a positive story to its customers, showcasing their sustainable and responsible operations.

So many people already are working on things that make Copiosis possible. In the political arena, people like Andrew Yang, Marianne Williamson, Heidi Briones and Mike Vick see the future. They want that future. They may not see as far as Copiosis, but that doesn’t mean what they’re doing doesn’t help make what they can’t yet see, a reality.

Join us for an in-depth conversation about this and many other things, Sept. 10 at 4 p.m. PDT.


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