How to get rid of taxes while keeping excellent public services

END TAXES.001I filed my taxes before the extended COVID deadline this year.  That brings to mind the relationship between a Copiosis citizen and the government of a Copiosis state.

Every nation state in the history of man has used a money represented as a physical object.  Money which is or represents physical object(s) can be taken from you against your will.  It can be used to buy any goods or services from anyone.  Therefore, everyone wants the money you have or might have some day.

The “everyone” includes your government.  From the township or county level through the state to the federal level there are a wide variety of taxes and fees which the various governmental units levy upon citizens and anyone else who happens their way.

This is motivated by the nature of our money and is made possible by the nature of this money. After all governments need your money. In return you get services. Some you probably like. Others, maybe not.

Copiosis economies will not likely have governments. Even if they do (temporarily) will they collect taxes?

Net Benefit Rewards people get and use to consume luxuries is not a physical object and it does not represent a physical object.  When earned, it comes into existence in the Producer’s account. That increase doesn’t come from any other source.

The people whose decisions result in it being there do not lose any of their reward income as a result of crediting the earner’s account.  When the account owner spends it, their Net Benefit Reward is deducted from their account balance.  It is not transferred to another account, it is deducted from the owner’s account.  That’s it.  No more, no less.  Thus NBR spent goes nowhere. It ceases to exist.

Therefore, even if a Copiosis government wanted to take Copiosis “money” from a citizen (or someone else) it couldn’t.  For one, only individual humans own NBR accounts.  There is no “Uncle Sam” account representing the government.  Second, Net Benefit Reward can’t be moved from one account to another.

So how does government pay its bills?

The government has no bills.  The Copiosis “government” has no Net Benefit Reward Account and no budget.  The Copiosis government cannot loan or borrow Net Benefit Reward.  If some office of government needs a desk for performing its paper work and someone chooses to give to that office worker a desk and if that worker uses that desk to do work which deserves to be rewarded, the person who providing the desk will also be rewarded.

So long as that desk is useful in producing benefits to others, the person who gave the desk will be rewarded.  The office worker doesn’t pay that person.  The government doesn’t pay that person.  The Copiosis algorithm does.

What about the persons who provided the wood and metal and tools to make the desk? What about those who contributed labor making it?

Yes, they get rewarded in the same way. Those who moved the desk from the desk factory to the office get rewarded too.  The person using the desk also gets rewarded. So in essence why does “government” need money?

Functions government does today get better in Copiosis because those “desk people” get rewarded only when that government function creates Net Benefit.  Enforcing rules just for the sake of created government revenue produces no benefit. Red tape produces no benefit.  Being rude or insolent to citizens needing services reduces Net Benefit.

In other words, the better job that worker does, the more NBR the worker gets and the more all those who contributed to that work getting done get too.  Workers who do well will have suppliers of equipment and other resource providers asking them to accept their materials.  Workers who perform poorly find they have nothing to work with and someone else does the work in their place.

(As an aside, there would be remarkably few government workers since there would be almost nothing for the government to do but, that’s a subject for some other article. Suffice it to say this is why there likely are no governments of any kind in Copiosis.)

So what taxes are collected?  What about import or export taxes?  Nope.  No taxes of any kind. What about property tax?  No taxes of any kind.  What about inheritance tax?  No taxes of any kind 😊.  What about…No taxes of any kind at any time for any reason by any level of government under any circumstances.

Government in a Copiosis economy has no taxes, no need for taxes, and no means by which to collect taxes because everything happens in Copiosis without needing taxes.

I hope that’s clear.  NO TAXES.

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