Why I know, not hope

Hope is weak.

What you believe is larger than you (God, the Universe, the Force) ignores hope. Speak from know, it obeys. That thing larger than you is waiting for you to grow a pair. When you do, it  notices. Gets in step. Lines up behind you.

Know, don’t hope. Hope is veiled pessimism. When you hope, you’re blowing smoke.


“Know” is not faking it. To know is not the same as pretending, a la “The Secret”. Know means you have observed, understand and use upward and downward spirals and focus as described in physics, combined with your own natural skills and talent, to make something happen in the world.

I don’t Hope we’re changing the world at Copiosis. I know we are. That’s why we’re solving humanity’s most wicked problem. That’s why the one percent will change.

Hope is waste.

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