Amoral capitalism at work

When I first read this piece, I thought OMG, there are people operating in this process who have the power to destroy Copiosis before it starts. The system they've corrupted to fleece governments, communities, etc., seemed above the law. Ultra powerful. For a moment I was scared. But then I realized something.

Let’s make crime a thing of the past

Organized crime has been around ever since the development of government. There is no nation in the world today that is free of organized crime. In some cases, the criminal organization is closer to being a government than the recognized government. Organized crime is very powerful and very rich. But it isn't just one organization. There are many criminal organizations … Continue reading Let’s make crime a thing of the past

Justice working for everyone.

Justice sometimes doesn't look like justice. In Copiosis Economies, you don't need millions to defend yourself, and you're never at the mercy of corrupt courts, crooked police, or stupid laws. Justice that works for everyone. It's something that comes with Copiosis Economies. Copiosis. The American Way. Way better.